Tell the American people the truth

This from a man who only knows how to lie.

John McCain instantly went into attack mode blaming Barack Obama for the fail of the rescue bill today.

He claims that:

“Two times, on March 14, 2008, and June 4, 2008, in the Democratic budget resolution, he voted to raise taxes on people making just $42,000 per year. He even said at the time that this vote for higher taxes on the middle class was ‘getting our nation’s priorities back on track,’ ” McCain said at a rally in Columbus, Ohio.

“Then something amazing happened: On Friday night, he looked the American people in the eye and said it never happened. My friends, we need a president who will always tell the American people the truth,” McCain said.

This is proven as false. A lie on a lie to get into the Oval Office. Ask John McCain to finally utter one word of truth.

Obama calls for calm in these choppy waters – instead of throwing knives in any direction Obama did say:

“There are going to be some bumps and trials and tribulations and ups and downs before we get this rescue package done,” Obama said at a campaign event in Denver, Colorado. “I’m confident that we are going to get there, but it’s going to be a little rocky.”

Who do you want as US President?

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0 Responses to Tell the American people the truth

  1. Kurt says:

    I was amazed that McCain had a brand new attack ad addressing Congress’ failure to pass the bailout bill five minutes after Nancy Pelosi said the deal was dead. McCain must be psychic…
    Now, republicans are blaming democrats for not passing Bush’s Bailout; yesterday they were attacking the democrats for going along with it.

  2. Hannah Stevens says:

    It is good that it didn’t pass. This is bushes last effort in bankrupting the government (us, taking our tax dollars) so that there will be no money left for domestic programs and everything will have to be privatized. That has been the goal all along. The wars and the bailouts and now more bailouts, transferring our tax dollars to the already wealthy, so that we the middle class become serfs for the corporations. bush has gutted most agencies, FEMA, FDA, FBI, and others and they intend to get rid of them altogether. This is the pinnacle of Reagan (get government out of the way).But if you like this, by all means vote for McCain. He will continue with these policies. It was McCain (Keating 5) and Phil Gramm who got rid of the regulations that put us in the mess we are in today. And America is fast becoming a second class country with little relevance in the world any longer.

  3. pp says:

    Maybe McCain’s really suffering from dementia ….
    It sure looks like it in the clip I just watched on YouTube: John McCain’s Youtube Problem Just Became a Nightmare.
    How can anyone with half a brain consider this man for President of your country???

  4. Daniel says:

    Mccain should have never “suspended” his campaign, and turned this into a political grand standing sideshow. He pulled Barack Obama into it, and this made everything worse. It became political during an election process, at our expense.
    Mccain’s decision to do this shows his inability to lead.

  5. PiedType says:

    I’m inclined to agree with pp. Dementia seems more likely than PTSD. Either way, he’s not acting like a man I want in the White House.

  6. marianna says:

    Well, Prez.Bush will make a pitch for bailout again on Tue, 9/30 – It’s sad that the top guy in the world does not understand the word “NO”. We the people do not want Wall Street bailout. Just to give a scale of the bailout, $700B amounts to $2300 per each man, woman and child in this country. And for Iraq war that takes some $10B per month – this is the cost of nearly SIX years of Iraq war. Oh, I get it now, we are six years into this war already and have to foot the bill.

  7. Will Rhodes says:

    McCain is suffering from something – and it isn’t an over-abundance of intelligence.

    But hey – being an intelligent person means that you are an elitist, coming at the (almost) bottom of you class means you really have it going on.

  8. David says:

    It is with interest that I noted today that once again politics and a twisting of basic grade 6 math were used by McCain’s campaign to inject fear into the public and treat the American taxpayer in a condescending manner.

    According to reports in the Globe & Mail, 95 democrats out of 140 voted in favour of the bill and 65 out of 133 Republicans. Simple math shows that 67% of Democrats voted in favour and only 48% of Republicans voted in favour. The math proves the facts – the Republican party itself killed this bill in the house.

    As a Canadian, I have been watching with sadness the situation which America now finds itself in. Maybe – just Maybe the politicians will finally listen to the American public who seem to be making a last ditch effort to get their politicians to listen to them. The taxpayer seems to have reached a point with the existing administration where they have completely lost faith in their ability to govern and are no longer willing to trust the government. They were lied to about Iraq, lied to about Weapons of Mass Destruction, lied to about Osama Bin Laden, lied to about Afghanistan and they feel they are once again being lied to about how the $700 Billion will solve the financial mess.

    Private enterprise played poker with the taxpayer, they made a calculated risk the taxpayer would bail them out. Taxpayers can only in good conscience make a deal that will impact themselves, their children, and their grandchildren if they get deals that are on a par as private enterprise would accept.

    There is not a society in the history of mankind that maintained the premier status in civilization that adopted a constant “go to war” philosophy. The tax base simply cannot support it. The Greek empire, the Roman Empire, the Spanish Armada, the British empire, the Russian economy collapsed because of this approach – this too has the potential to be the tsunami that hits the American civilization.

    After 2000+ years of civilized society as we know it, one should surmise that we have the collective society intelligence to recognize that this is the path to ruin and desolation. We have the collective responsibility to our children, and their children to build this planet, to solve the challenges of education, shelter, healthcare, and poverty. The American social fabric is now a microcosm of every worldwide race and culture. We can no longer destroy our families, our brothers, our sisters, our grandparents.

    Finally – just maybe the American public has made a decision, a line in the sand – that we as a planet – as a society – as a civilization need to challenge our collective intelligence, our resources, our will to find a better option. A path that is sustainable, a path that is positive, and a path that while painful in the short term, will provide better options to our children and the civilization that will continue after us. Now, at this critical time in our history is the time to challenge our collective spirit to find a better way – we owe it to ourselves – to do otherwise would be collectively assinine and irresponsible.

  9. april says:

    McCain is clearly the underdog here. First Obama and those closest to him are on the receiving end of dirty money, over the last several years blocking Republican efforts to bring reform, and then they lie to suggest that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are doing great so that they can keep giving out bad mortgages. Now he offers to “save” the economy he helped to destroy? If Americans vote him in, they will deserve the consequences!

  10. Zero says:

    Why doesn’t anyone see this for what it is? This is not a bailout, it is a ransom! This is a hostage situation. They’ve already executed several “hostages”, aka banks, there have been casualties. “Pay or there will be economic collapse” translates to “I will kill all of these hostages if my demands are not met!” I thought America had a policy of not negotiating with terrorists? 700 billion is a ransom that we should not pay. For the love of God, don’t give in to their demands! We’re being held hostage!

  11. Daniel says:

    Mccain said this morning that his stark contrast on the position of Pakistan with Palin is explainable: He said he largely agrees with Palin in the sense that “he would route out terrorism wherever it exists.” But, he doesn’t want to “broadcast” it to the nation or on TV in an open announcement, because there’s a difference between saying it, and having an intent to do it but keeping your intent from the mainstream American people. This is otherwise know as lying folks.
    I question everything Mccain says now… is everything he says going to simply be a tactic to make people believe that he is going to do something when he gets into office for fear of saying or annoucing something that they might not want to hear now for fear of putting his campaign at risk? Mccain is a liar, cheat, and thief to the American people. He used us and our futures as a chip in his bargaining tactic on this fabricated bail-out issue. I voted Obama yesterday, and have never been more proud in my life to vote.

  12. Daniel says:

    I love how Mccain is touting that Obama is to blame for the failure of the bail-out package, when Mccain is the one who pulled an ambivalent Obama INTO this. It is NOT the time to make this a political event. Mccain and Obama should have separated themselves from this whole crisis and continued to campaign. BUT – that didn’t happen. Mccain made it an event to make him look like a Maverick, but we all know now that he is using all of our lives as a bargaining chip to blackmail us to fight in his and George Bush’s war or go down with the ship.

  13. David says:

    Here is a suggestion!

    I seemed to remember a time not too long ago when the politicians were clamoring to impeach a recent sitting president for some “cigar smoking” activities in the Oval Office. Congress was in an uproar! Well let’s put things in perspective – the “cigar play” wasn’t going to cost you your house, your children’s college, and the stability of America’s economy.

    Maybe this is what should be done:

    Impeach George Bush!

    For fraud against the American public regarding terrorrism, for destroying the image and reputation of our American friends worldwide, for endangering their public safety and security, for forcing the American public to live in a defacto police state, for bringing war to the door of the American public, and now for destroying the safety, shelter, and security of its citizens through the loss of homes, cars, education and mortgaging the control of their future to foreign nations.

    Dear George, once you leave office and stop insulting our intelligence with your stupid comments, advice, and proposed solutions, we can then maybe sit down and reconsider how to fix the $700B financial problem.

  14. Dean Kent says:

    What I find most astounding is that politicians are, once again, blaming everyone else but themselves for the current situation. Bush blames Congress, while Congress blames Bush. Republicans blame Democrats, while Democrats blame Republicans. Where is the great leader that says “The buck stops here”. In a time where most Americans are worried about their future, the President gives a speech that the sky is falling and if you don’t just march in lockstep with his administration all hell will break loose. It’s the same speech given to justify the invasion of Iraq.

    Here’s the point – people of America, we have only ourselves to blame. We elected these officials, often multiple times. We were given hints, but ignored them because to listen was too uncomfortable, and to think was too difficult. We have found the enemy, and he is us. If we are to extract ourselves from this, we need to stop blaming ‘them’ (whoever that might be) and work as a United States of America to pull ourselves out of it.

    What I find most distressing is that we are being told this is one of the worst financial disasters in American history, and people are *still* running around blaming others as if that will actually fix the problem. My children could govern like that. It’s OK to argue and disagree, but blame fixes nothing. Taking responsibility and accepting that there is no such thing as a free lunch will go a long way to get a fix in place – if, in fact, a ‘fix’ is even necessary.

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