Hurricane Kyle is on its way – right over my head!

Hopefully I will be able to stay on line.

As the trackers are tracking the track that Kyle is taking, it looks as if it is going to sweep right over us come late today/Monday morning.

What I will try to do, saving that I can still be online at that time, will blog about what it is like as Kyle passes by and over us.

He will be hitting the Bay of Fundy and St John (45 mins away) and I just hope that he keeps up as a Hurricane – a tropical storm is just…well…a tropical storm so it’s a bit blowy and rain.

The hatches may have to be battened down later today if Kyle is definitely heading our way if not than it will be an anti-climax.

So I will be watching the weather and watching the news. And if I don’t post anything at all for a few days – Kyle took the power away, but I am sure that won’t happen.

Here is a link to Juan – the storm that hit five years ago. To the day.

While waiting for the winds to pick up and some real storm clouds to appear the rain is falling and falling. So far we have had a good 2 to 3 inch of rain. There are black clouds on the horizon and snow white clouds to the South – just where Kyle will come from – and eerie peace is in the air.

[Update] Well we seem to be looking more at tropical storm Kyle now, he is about 90 miles away and moving north fast, but he does, seemingly, be diminishing in wind power. Although he is still a cat 1 hurricane and should hit Nova Scotia first the weather channels are saying that when he hits land he’ll soon drop down the scale. Oh well – at least I have beer.

[Update] Deluge! The sky is open and all that is there is coming down. The rain is literally bouncing off the ground! In seconds of standing outside I was wet through to the bone.

The scurrying monsters that is the rain drops on the roof make hey as the water cascades! It is eerily beautiful. Now we know that Kyle has an insidious tale and is aiming his wrath at Nova Scotia. If it is like this here – I truly feel sorry for those south of me and in Nova Scotia.

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0 Responses to Hurricane Kyle is on its way – right over my head!

  1. thebeadden says:

    Oh no, Will. I hope you are all okay. Please keep us posted if you can. Take care.

  2. sheliaharris says:

    Be carefull what you wish for, I am in Florida and one of my best freinds in Alvin Tx who just went through this and just got her power turned back in the end of this week. Wind & Rain is better than hurricain force winds. Take care of yourself!!

  3. Will Rhodes says:

    Thanks for the good wishes. 🙂

    He is only going to be a cat 1 if he stays as a hurricane. So it will be very windy and we have another 100mm of rain forecast at the moment. I LOVE the weather.

  4. Julie P says:

    Will, put on your earplugs and don’t park your car near trees!

  5. Kiran says:

    Hi Will,
    Nice blog. Stumbled upon from Sulz’s blog. Anyways, hope you and your families are keeping safe. I am located in FL, so I know exactly what you are going through. Be careful and take care.


  6. Julie P says:

    I take it that you survived the hurricane intact?

  7. Will Rhodes says:

    Yep – but with all the water the culverts have been cleaned out 😀

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