Only two minutes Sarah, only two minutes

And this for a woman who flew hour upon hour in labour!?

Some have said that Sarah Palin has lost her confidence – that, in itself, isn’t a good thing when you are about to debate Joe Biden.

What I think is that the GOP have lost complete confidence in her – if she was so good why would the GOP ask that the debate free speaking part be shortened to accommodate her?

The vice presidential debate will resemble the traditional presidential event. However, the New York Times reported last Sunday that the McCain campaign sought to limit the time for freewheeling discussion in the vice presidential debate.

Advisers to Palin were reportedly worried that format could put the Alaska governor — a relatively inexperienced debater — on the defensive most of the evening.

The agreed-upon format for that debate now includes an abbreviated two-minute discussion period during which the candidates can engage each other.

Erm hold on a second – can we know why?

It is supposed to be a debate – she is going to take on the second, well almost second most important job for four years (assuming nothing happens to McCain), if they are elected and she has advisers who want to cut the debate short because it may be detrimental to her in some way?

This election is getting to the stage of being a farce!

The dust is just about settling on the first presidential debate and the polls will begin coming out soon – we shall see what people thought about it – but that will be nothing compared to the VP debate if she makes a complete fool of herself – which, even though she is in debate camp from Tuesday onward, could happen.

I just cannot see Joe Biden holding back if she makes one mistake. He is, after all, a real attack dog – he has proven that already.

Unless the questions are geared all in her favour those two minutes will be taken up with her thinking about her answer. She could, if she flops, cost McCain the race.

I, for one, will be watching it.

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0 Responses to Only two minutes Sarah, only two minutes

  1. lunawolf says:

    Don’t pick on her! Woman in politics shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of thing-unless their last names are “Clinton,” of course. lol.

    It won’t take more than two minutes for Biden to eat her alive. 🙂 I’m looking forward to it.

  2. SueB says:

    What were Obama’s and Biden’s responses when asked about their opinion of the Bush Doctrine? Oh yeah, they weren’t asked that question! As best I can tell, the Bush Doctrine is something made up and after much discussion and multiple ideas post Palin interview, the press has settled on an answer of what it is and chide her for not knowing the answer. What was Biden’s response when asked to name the “change” Obama has accomplished or even proposed in his years in the Senate that support his platform of “change”? Oh yeah, he hasn’t been asked that question. The answer is nothing, but that’s not important, because we all know he will bring change in the future despite not having brought it in the past. We all know Biden has knowledge and experience, so if he makes some bonehead statement it’s OK. Biden is a DC insider, has been for years, so he should speak the language and follow the protocol and when he doesn’t he should be raked over the coals. Palin is an outsider and doesn’t speak the language, but if the definitions are provided she should be able to respond. But, Palin isn’t given such freedom. The slightest mis-statement and people are calling for her head. I think she is intelligent and has the ability to lead, but she needs time to get to know the system and terminology. The press needs to speak English instead of DC speak, and stop playing gotcha. If they played gotcha with Biden and Obama that would be different, but since they don’t they need to stop it with Palin.

  3. pp says:

    What absolute rubbish Sue B!
    If what you say is true, that ‘she needs time to know the system’, and doesn’t know ‘the DC speak’, that just proves exactly what so many people are already convinced of – she’s NOT READY to be VP!!
    It’s funny that you are producing arguments that shoot your own candidate down in flames!

  4. Rickey B says:

    Dear, SUE B
    This is McCains pick and it lends itself to his experience, character and judgement. What was he thinking or was he? I would like to come to her defense, but I have to be practical, logical and most of all reasonable. This was not a sound choice on McCains part. Think about it – GOD forbid that (death)something happens to McCain, she has to be ready to step up to the plate. Do you honestly in your heart think she can? Of course not. Listen, its obvious that she needs time and a basic crash course in politics 101. She may be alright for Alaska but not for the Nation. Now down the road a little later – I wouldn’t count her out. One day and soon, if she decides to take her position to a higher level, she going to be formiddable.

  5. Steve says:

    Hey Sue B, Sarah Palin is clueless. She is like the titanic and the iceberg is in site,the truth is starting to leak out of her protective bubble,and she is going down with the ship! This is McCains pick ? The person who would be ready to step in as president ? The lip stick wearin hockey mom,the maverick pitbull who didn’t hesitate to say yes when asked ? What a joke ! She is not vice president material. Of course she should have known what the bush doctrine is, especially since McCain supports it. She needs to go home and sit on her porch and watch Russia for us and let us know if Putin rears his head, better yet, we’ll get to her on that !

  6. Ole C says:

    and another thing, SueB. The “Bush Doctrine” is certainly not “something made up” only to be agreed upon “post Palin interview”. If it is, can you please explain how my professor in political science managed to hold a lecture on the Bush Doctrine as early as february? The definition in our curriculum is the same as the media supposedly “settled on”.

    Or, you know…both the professor and the author of the book might just be part of the media conspiracy against Palin….yah, that’s probably it…

  7. kevin says:

    “This election is getting to the stage of being a farce! ”

    I agree with this point entirely. I believe the election is an embarrassment to this country – we pick our leader based on which one is better at spinning facts, distorting the truth, showmanship, and mudslinging! Somehow the country is almost always split perfectly in half between two candidates–making the final result of an election depend on some pretty pesky variables (like whether or not it rains on election day).

    I think that we can do better! So why are the voices of dissent so few and so quiet? I think there would be more serious outcries from the American people if the public school system didn’t force-feed us a steady stream of patriotic propaganda. I encourage everyone to look at this election and seriously consider if this process is really helping our country.

  8. Shawnna says:

    SueB, have you completely lost your marbles? I hardly think that asking Palin about the Bush Doctrine is playing “gotcha”. Actually it is a very relevant question because President Bush is a republican, McCain/Palin are the presumptive nominees for the republican party, and the biggest thing for them is to try and set themselves apart from Bush. Charlie asked her what she thought about the Bush doctrine. This would have been the perfect time to let America know where she stands. America wants to know how she will be different. Oh but of course it was a missed opportunity b/c this chick didn’t even know what it was! The point is this, had that been Obama not knowing what it was, you would have been all over it.

    We can’t keep coddling her! Nobody coddled Hillary when she was running and she stood there and she took it. I’m so sick of everybody playing the sexism card. She wants to be treated equally then that means the good and the bad and if she can’t handle it she needs to get another job!

  9. geek says:

    The word “Doctrine” caught her off balance and she is not quick enough to translate that into policy of War on Terror or Free Market.

    She just cannot think on her feet and can only use catch phrases to express views. Her opinions are simplistic expressions to appeal to the right.

    It is clear she brings nothing to the table other than being a youngish female. She is not a role model for those successful women who are smart and qualified and had a tough time proving themselves.

    She has proven to be unqualified and it is clear there is buyer’s regret among Republican conservatives who are embarrassed by her on the ticket.

    She can attend debate boot camp for the next week and maybe fake it for the first question, but the follow up questions will be too difficult to handle and it will be tough to watch.

    Hopefully Biden will not laugh out loud and allow the press do that.

  10. PiedType says:

    Sam Harris said Palin represents “the joyful marriage of confidence and ignorance.” I can’t top that.

  11. Paula says:

    Sarah Palin has been interviewed three times by ABC, FOX AND CBS. Her first interview I was skeptical but gave her the benefited of the doubt that her nerves got to her. I felt maybe she would bone up on information and do her due dilengence in prep for the next interview. Again, she wobbled. Now I am really wondering what the hell the Alaskians saw in her to be their governor. The Katie Couric interview was just PAINFUL to watch.

    The old expression, “3 times and you’re OUT” applies to the knowledge and communication skills of Sarah Palin. She is no leader that I want for America.

    McCain is no leader I want for America. That was his first presidential decision, a very important one and he chose her for a bounce to get Hillary voters.

    Ladies and Gentleman, the Republician ticket = DUMB AND DUMBER.

    I am an independent voter who is voting for the 21st century. Enough said who is the clear choice to run America.

  12. Greg says:

    Here they go again. Trying to change the rules. Apparently she’s special so the debate coordinators catered to her lack of experience. If they would keep the traditional time-frame of the debate, she’d be left out there like a deer in the headlights and Biden would destroy her. I mean he would tear her to pieces and reduce her to a pile of smoking rubble. This woman can’t hang with the pros. I can’t wait to see her make a complete fool of herself on national television. She needs to go back to the farm leagues in Alaska, where she’ll probably be voted out of office on the next election cycle because she was exposed during this presidential campaign. She would have been wise to decline McCain’s offer of VP and stay in Alaska where she could easily please the gun-toting Uber-hillbillies that comprise that state’s population. Seriously, this debate is going to be the most hilarious thing in the history of modern television. I hope Biden goes no-holds-barred on this broad. I hope he tears down this pretty picture we’ve all been led to believe about Palin and just demoralizes, intimidates, and sends her crying back into the arms of McCain. I have no sympathy for this showboating beauty queen. Give ‘er hell Joe!!!

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