McCain senior adviser to CNN: McCain seen as hindering negotiations

Curiouser and curiouser.

Now I know there are John McCain supporters who read this blog – and I do thank them for their interaction. But this is getting quite..well…odd!

McCain did state that until the financial crisis had been solved in Washington he wouldn’t leave – consequently leaving Barack Obama to debate himself – or more realistically do a Town Hall meeting, albeit a national one. But now McCain has chosen to go to the debate even though the problem hasn’t been solved.

OK – we know that McCain has a beef on the leadership thing – McCain went to Washington to really beef that image up, but, like so many things he does, it backfired – which I said it would,

McCain went to Washington trying to look presidential but he isn’t the president – George Bush still is. And it was Bush who rang Obama asking him to attend the meeting – this is all old news I know – but we have to do the back story.

John McCain did nothing in Washington – but to be fair neither did Obama – but we have to add to that that Obama didn’t go ‘rushing’ via several different TV studios and a New York hotel and Bill Clinton’s conference. He went straight to Washington at the bequest of the US president.

McCain basically made a nuisance of himself just by being there. And, to add to this – he hasn’t made a public statement as to where he stands on the bailout. Does he support it, believes he has another option or he will go with the Democrats or Republicans who are holding this thing up.

Mostly – and I think this is what he will do because of his populist leanings, he will not support it at all – saying that he is with the American people who are protesting that there should be no bailout at all – let Wall St fall they cry.

That won’t be so good if Wall St does fall – many of the worlds markets are linked to Wall St – I don’t like that but it is the case.

Bash said a senior adviser to McCain agreed that McCain seemed to be hindering the negotiating process rather than helping it.

“We understand that what we need to do is get McCain out of here, get him out of town, because the minute that McCain is somebody seen as brokering this, that’s going to kill it,” Bash quoted him as saying.

She said sources inside McCain’s campaign understand he was “political dynamite.”

Now if a senior McCain adviser is saying that – what damage has McCain actually done? It is up for pure speculation but he made a very bad move, obviously.

John McCain isn’t the leader he tries to portray, far from it – his impulse factor is way too high – good for someone who sits in Congress one would suppose but to be a world leader? I don’t think so.

McCain to join Obama in debate –

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