So what did Johnny do?

McCain said something that…well…didn’t make any sense.

As the farce is rolling on Barack Obama (invited by the president) and John McCain (rode into Washington on his white mule) attended a meeting in the White House with a few other people.

Still no deal. Cushty!

There are so many Americans against this deal it truly amazes me that it is still on the table – this is where McCain will look at those numbers and say he is against it. You don’t think? Well – he went to Washington thinking that he would be mobbed by Republicans baying that he save them, in actual fact he was positively ignored.

When you look at the long term of this – it will only mean that the recession is ongoing but it will mean that credit will be back on the agenda for those who can afford it. Just what Bush wanted. But is that going to help the ailing American economy? It will just carry on the Bush policy – but this time a whole chunk of the tax payers money will be riding on the whim of some guy allocating this ‘expenditure’ John McCain’s words not mine.

So is Johnny for or against this deal? I don’t have a clue – and neither does he.

“One of the concerns I’ve had over the last several days is that when you start injecting presidential politics into delicate negotiations,” Obama said, “then you can actually create more problems rather than less.”


Multiple sources said McCain didn’t say much. Two Democratic leadership aides said he didn’t speak until 43 minutes into the meeting.


‘Contentious’ White House meeting ends with no deal –

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0 Responses to So what did Johnny do?

  1. leapsecond says:

    Ugh. McCain should just quit — even though, technically, he already has.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    Brett I am waiting for this to hit – but the reason Bush wants the money is to give in tax breaks to businesses who buy up the bad debt. The Senate Republicans are now against the bail out because there isn’t enough deregulation in the bill LOL.

    And that ain’t no joke!

  3. SSG T says:

    Still trying to figure out what Obama did or is doing? Didn’t he say call if you guys need something and didn’t his own party say that he was a completely useless for him to be in Washington trying to help? Wouldn’t his input be critical on this issue?

  4. thebeadden says:

    This was a created crisis. So, I’m sure they had their ideas and goals laid out quite a while ago. I doubt anything anyone says will make a difference until the “people” stop playing their game.

  5. Dora64 says:

    I have heard that McCain physical doctor said he is okay;but i have not heard what his psychology said.In ‘ALL DUE RESPECT’ ,he has been through a
    tremendous ordeal.Selecting Gov.Palin really made me wonder.McCain said Barrack don’t get it.Get What?
    McCain is experience with old tactics.Wake up McCain this is not the wagon trains days.People are suffering and the country need new ideas for all the people.There is things happening today one have never experienced ,never dreamed in one wildest dream.

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