McCain Stands By Fiorina: What $42 Million?

John McCain and the hypocrisy of a dope

OK – $42Mill is a lot of money in anyone’s game. That’s American cash money – dollars that could, if used correctly, buy one hell of a lot of computers.

But as the world knows – the US is in a bit of a bind at the moment and the Republicans administration, John McCain is a Republican by the way – although you wouldn’t have noticed. But he has a woman, Carly Fiorina, advising him – and you know that. And you also know that she took a hefty packet of cash and whatever when she was fired. FIRED!? How much cash do you get if you are fired? It won’t be a lot I know that much. But that really isn’t the worst of it:

Mr. McCain had only praise for one of his own high-profile supporters, Carly Fiorina, the former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard who received a severance package totaling $42 million after she was fired from the company in 2005.

Asked at a news conference if the same logic should not apply to Ms. Fiorina as to Mr. Raines and Mr. Johnson, Mr. McCain side-stepped the question.

“I believe that Carly Fiorina is a role model to millions of young Americans,’’ Mr. McCain said. “She started out as a part-time secretary and she ended up a CEO of one of the major corporations in America. I’m proud of her record and so I want everybody to know that Carly Fiorina is a person that I admire and respect.’’

Oh really?!? It matters not that McCain has been mouthing off that those in charge of these companies get $400,000. $400,000? Excuse the feck me – how much are ordinary Americans getting while watching the locks on their homes changed before their very eyes?

They should get nothing, zero, zip!

But, when you scratch below the surface you know that McCain will – guaranteed – carry on the Republican stance on the US economy. That will mean more woe for all Americans – because at one point, if a Republican should be in charge i.e. John McCain – the American economy will collapse!

By the way – free Sarah Palin! The Republican, in their sexist manner won’t let her speak to the press because she is a woman. But John McCain is known for a certain sexist amount of talk.

McCain Stands By Fiorina – The Caucus Blog –

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