McCain's populist bent

Not so much for deregulation now, are you, John?

It’s amazing how much John McCain has changed since he became the candidate for The Republican Party.

He was all for deregulation – now he is for regulation, well he is while speaking to workers in Ohio. They didn’t cheer him there – I wonder why?

Sen. John McCain has spent much of his two decades in Congress pushing deregulation, but the Republican presidential nominee is continuing his election year migration toward more government control of the economy as the nation faces one of its greatest financial crises since the Great Depression.

“I want the people in Ohio here to know that I have not forgotten the economy on Main Street,” McCain said during a campaign stop in Strongsville, Ohio, on Tuesday. “Not Wall Street, not Washington, D.C., but Main Street is the focus of our attention and our efforts.”

Amazing even that McCain is using the very words that Obama uses. Does he and his idol George Bush think that just doing this will bring people around to his way of thinking – they, the American people, know that you have lied to them, John – and they know that you really don’t have their interests at heart.

His VP – I believe she has said that she is an evangelical – Sarah Palin must begin to answer questions, and could we ask her what her thoughts are on this?:

Evangelicals believe age of consent is puberty.

Something is wrong in the GOP – and that all started with George Bush and is being carried forward with McCain and his side-kick, Palin.

Sad day indeed.

McCain drifts away from a legacy of deregulation –

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0 Responses to McCain's populist bent

  1. Daniel says:

    John Mccain is crazy, he’s hellbent on warfare. He’s been modifying his stance to keep up with Obama’s notion of change to put his own twisted logic onto his version of it. He’s been able to round up all the stupid people in this country to vote for him as a result.
    Obama’s been giving those same people the benefit of the doubt, and actually giving them credit that they wouldn’t even give themselves. This country is divided, between the intelligent, and unintelligent.

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