McCain: I have become a Liberal – but don't tell anyone

One sentence that proves, once more, that John McCain is out of touch

What is that sentence? This:

“At a time of crisis, when leadership is needed, Sen. Obama has simply not provided it,” he said.

Now, you may ask, why is that proof? He is saying exactly what the American people want to hear – John McCain is ‘the man!’.

Well – you really do have to look at why he is saying this, in what context and, more so, how is he going to act on it?

Neither John McCain or Barack Obama can do one jot at the moment – they are running for president and are not president at this time. The leadership should come from those who are in power right now – this very minute, i.e. president Bush – you know, the man John McCain wants to be.

John McCain taking on liberal views should 1. Make Republicans scared because that isn’t what they will voting for. Dressing up liberal a.k.a Obama policy as his own just means McCain doesn’t have anything of his own. 2. Make independents worried because McCain doesn’t have any real answer to the economic woes that the US and they face now and the near future.

McCain’s view is to fire someone who is leaving his post as soon as Bush does – that’s a real maverick for you!

Economic policy has to be a part of the election campaign – that is what Obama has been trying to do for so long but McCain has been trying to keep peoples ideas away from the economy and on personalities – until the economy smacks you in the face so hard it cannot be ignored.

McCain wants to give power to a commission that will do this and recommend that – in about two years – half way through the next presidency. What will McCain say while he is bombing Iran or Pakistan? “The commission is working on this problem – but I need another trillion dollars from Congress to equip out brave troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

He will be rattling the sabre at Russia, too.

All this while the US goes down the pan because the American voter elected him and woke up the morning after regretting what they had done – again.

As the US dollar begins to die a slow death, the worlds economies will look toward a stronger and more stable currency to trade in – that will probably be the European Euro, the rest of the world will begin to detach itself from the US economy and those inexplicably tied to the US economy will take a nose dive – one country that could is Canada. One reason I want NAFTA out of the way and renegotiated for the benefit of Canada.

McCain may try to tell the American people that all those boogie men out there will bring the US to her knees – but that isn’t the case – what will bring the US to her knees is the Republican party who are in power now and will be in power if McCain is elected as president.

McCain is a Republican – just like George Bush, and as that is the case Bush policies will follow McCain into the White House as sure as it snows in Canada.

McCain ‘deeply uncomfortable’ with lack of bailout oversight –

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0 Responses to McCain: I have become a Liberal – but don't tell anyone

  1. PiedType says:

    I didn’t vote for Bush. My apologies to Canada if our sinking economic ship drags you down too.

    (You wouldn’t happen to have a spare life preserver, would you?)

  2. Hannah Stevens says:

    I have to disagree, John McCain has a lot experience in this area of bailouts. Go and Google Charles Keating. John was instrumental in a cover up for Keating S&L crisis in the 80’s which cost thousands of retirees their retirement income and was censured by congress for this. He is an old hand at this. More people need to know this.

  3. Tim Bang says:

    The more important thing now is to investigate the corruption of Obama. if we look at this, we find that he is worse than unaccountable.

    Obama was sponsored $250,000 by corrupt and convicte slumlord, Rezko. Obama ignored housing violations in 11 of the 30 housing projects in Obama’s constituency. In addition, he is also connected to other corrupt elements such Auchi.
    Obama also got a $300,000 discount by Rezko who bought the lot next door to enable Obama to buy the house for $1.65 million dollar. Rezko can only gain access to the lot though Obama’s house and never develop the lot.
    Michelle Obama’s salary jumped from $121,000 prior to Obama’s election to Senate to $360,000 after his election. One of Obama’s earmarks is to provide $1 million to Michelle’ employer for the construction of a pavilion.
    Obama spend $1 billions in earmarks in 4 years. The same kind of politics.

  4. Howard says:

    DEMOCRATS should read all the stories circulating today about how former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan warned congress back in April that legislation was needed to prevent the melt down we’re now experiencing … but, the democrats blocked it. These are the same democrats who want us to elect them in November.

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