My Interview with John McCain

Enlightening don’t you think?

Dear John

What can I do for you, Willy?
I heard, “Willy” in British English means “Dick” in US English, he he he …

What is your view on the US economy even after you have said it is strong?

Well, Will – economy is a very difficult field and you surely know that Obama is an inexperienced elitist politician who has no knowledge at all on this whereas my records show that I am a profound expert in economics. I have cuntless mansions which proofs that I can handle money quite well.

What is your view on women, and especially Sarah Palin – do you feel you made the right choice?

Well, I like blonde cunts women, you know. And they have to be rich. I have an expensive lifestyle. Need a lot of mansions, you know. Gives me the feeling I am a better American. Not like those losers who can’t pay their mortgage.
The night before I elected Sarah God came to me and said: “My son, don’t fool Hillary like she fooled Obama. Drop her – though your idea was brilliant – and take Sarah Palin as VP. She’s my first choice. She’ll bring My Word to the people.” So I let my team find out her phoney number. I admit, I didn’t even know that cunt’s woman’s name before God told me.

What do you really think of George Bush?

You mean the father of George W.? Well, I know him. He is no war hero like I am and never was a POW.
You can’t blame him for not serving in the army and having a son. He is an old man.

Would it be fair to say that you really don’t understand what the president of the USA does?

You don’t know shit, Willy. I am president in my heart since 1992. I made daily presidential decisions even at home on my cunt.

How is it you can’t use technology like computers? Is it really because you had your arms broken (even though you do that stupid thumbs up all the time)?

That’s the job of my team. I tell them, they type them. Or do what to do with computers.
My arms are safe in my safe. I use them only when I’m hunting and against Negroes, jews and muslims, sometimes cunts Vietcong.

Which country would you really like to live in – and after you have destroyed the USA with war or famine, which country would you like to rule?

I’d destroy Russia and China first, maybe that Jewcountry in the Near East at the Iraq-Pakistan border, too. I guess, I have a mansion on the Bahamas, but I don’t know – ask my team for that.

Should you sell Air Force One on eBay?

Depends where that bay is. But it’s probably a better place than Wallstreet. By the way, I will clean up Wall Street. Just see the mess the greedy and excessive Dems left behind now – that jewish bank Lehman is going down because of those Dem wimps.

Why do you hate intelligent people so much?

There are no people who have a higher IQ than I so your question is stupid, you colonialist moron!

A serious question – would you really ‘do’ Sarah if she gave you the go ahead? Like do her everywhere including the Oval Office? (We saw you looking at her ass).

I already gave it to that cunt.
Sir, you show no respect to women obviously. That question shows British arrogance and patronizing womenizerism.

What do you think of Russia?

Kill it.

How many soldiers do you want in a US Standing army?

Our army is way too small. I consider an army like in Switzerland where I have some of my money invested, mainly in Liechtenstein. In Switzerland every citizen is in the army. Except cunts women of course.

Do you think that your daughters blog is really that good?

What? That cunt girl has a blog without asking me before?
What is a “blog” anyway?

How much weed do you smoke before making such stupid comments? And can we have the name of your dealer?

Weed? Smoke? What are you talking about, you cunt?
I have some medication with me because of my mega-injuries that I suffered doing service for my country. The fucking Vietcong broke my arms and legs while I was trying to get out of my last plane that I finished.

If Sarah Palin said that the sky was pink, would you agree or disagree with everyone who said it was, in fact, green?

First learn to write her name correctly, you stupid. It’s Stalin Pali, not “palin” or “pal in”. You got British “O-Levels” or what?

How many houses do you have?

Ask my team. They will get back to you.
But I don’t have any credit cunt problems.

Do we add all your houses to the foreclosure list – or just the ones you’re not using right now?

I’m campaigning, you cunt. I’m home in America, in every house of our brave legal American citizens.
After I’m president I’ll be there, too. Next to the Lord’s cross on a nice presidential foto.

Why do you now think Karl Rove is a cunt?

That cunt is history. I never trusted him since he is one of the cunts of George W., you see.
He’d sell his mother if he had to even if there was no election. I’d do that only with my grandma and Cindy, if really necessary and for our great nation.

Thanks for you time, John – I will, of course, add this to my blog – which is much better than your daughters blog – hers is shit!

You’re welcome, British motherfucker. Was a pleasure, especially when I saw your wife. You know, Cindy is getting a bit thin beneath there.

Will Rhodes

Yeah, I’m gonna call you a dick. See you next time when I’m president.

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The True John McCain


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0 Responses to My Interview with John McCain

  1. John McCain says:

    You forgot to put one question in bold, you cunt.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    Thanks, John – I changed it. 🙂

  3. John McCain says:

    You’re welcome, you dick.

  4. John McCain says:

    And start calling me “Mr. President”, you cunt.

  5. leapsecond says:

    I can’t wait ’til somebody thinks this is a legitimate interview. lol

  6. Will Rhodes says:

    Me, too, Brett – me, too. LOL

  7. Very funny, you nailed him!
    David John Berndt

  8. John McCain says:

    Listen, authorcunt – it’s me who nails cunts women. Capice, you italian stealion?

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