Death to America?

There is an old saying – “Like Flogging a Dead Horse”

This is how this election feels, the US election that is. But the ramifications of this election with have a direct effect on Canada, and to add to that, probably the rest of the world.

You have to look around at the blogs and op-ed pieces, even the TV sometimes. Everything has become politicised in the US election, from coal to that infamous day in 2001. But that isn’t what is the scary part – what is are those who are going to vote. The American electorate. They scare the world at this moment in time. But, as many who have mailed me to say “What has the American election got to do with you – keep your nose out. America is America, “God bless American’ and you can die”” Some are quite vociferous in their dislike of me, and Englishman in Canada.Why? I am saying things as I see them – I really don’t believe that John McCain will do anything at all that will help the American people – I, even for those who dislike me so much, want the best for all people not just a minimum few.

I can’t understand why the American electorate – both right and left and centre, allow the McCain lies to continue, but you are correct, these issues are not mine – they are yours. I can’t understand why so many Americans are given the truth and ignore it, because that truth doesn’t fall into a certain party line. But, that isn’t my problem is it? Not on the surface, no it isn’t.

Why would I be so bothered about America getting ready for another war – all in the name of US internal security, why should I question the Americans willingness to allow her young to go to war and kill and be killed? I shouldn’t really – because it has nothing to do with me?

The mindset of Americans, certainly not all, but a significant amount, is that America is the be al and end all in the aspect of freedom and innovation and the rights of the common man, but is it? We have to look at the hawk-America that we have today – America that wants to fight, to defend what is hers at all costs – well that is a real noble idea if there is something to fight for. The American dream? Explain what the American dream is today – anybody? Tell me what it is – and I will bet a wedge that it isn’t a dream of world domination and war. I will add to that bet and say that America does want peace – that she does want to be taken seriously in the world today,

I’ll tell you what they would have been doing: the Russian, Iranian and Venezuelan observers would have been up out of their seats, exchanging high-fives and joining in the chant louder than anyone in the hall — “Yes! Yes! Drill, America, drill!” — because an America that is focused first and foremost on drilling for oil is an America more focused on feeding its oil habit than kicking it.

That quote is true – the Republicans want you, the America electorate, to keep using oil – and lots of it. But the problem is – you, the American United States of America, don’t have much of it! Venezuela does, Russia does, Iran does, hell – even Iraq does. America doesn’t! So where are the Republicans going to get that oil?

You can’t invade these countries to secure that oil. If you do, you ratchet up the ante for a wider war – something that does effect me and the rest of the world.

As I have argued before, it reminds me of someone who, on the eve of the I.T. revolution — on the eve of PCs and the Internet — is pounding the table for America to make more I.B.M. typewriters and carbon paper. “Typewriters, baby, typewriters.”

Again, true!

That is what will be the death to America – not a hot war that America cannot afford to fight. It will be the internal exasperation of all things because, with Bush, McCain they want you, Americans, to live in the past. You – the USA who put a man on the moon and now cannot bring about a change in a car engine that will do 50 MPG. You are fighting a war that is costing you, the American electorate, billions of dollars and as long as you can stay right where you are you are happy. “Drill, baby, Drill”? That is the mantra of people who are in real fear of the future.

Who cares how much steel John McCain has in his gut when the steel that today holds up our bridges, railroads, nuclear reactors and other infrastructure is rusting? McCain talks about how he would build dozens of nuclear power plants. Oh, really? They go for $10 billion a pop. Where is the money going to come from? From lowering taxes? From banning abortions? From borrowing more from China? From having Sarah Palin “reform” Washington — as if she has any more clue how to do that than the first 100 names in the D.C. phonebook?

It matters not that John McCain was a military man – he is not qualified to run the US – he knows nought about running an economy in the 21st century – and that is where we are, not back in the day when you could drill a hole in the ground and become a millionaire over night. Although many exalt how great he is as an American, because he is an American hero, because he suffered at the hands of his enemy – that will not, in any way, shape or form, bring jobs to the US. Those manufacturing jobs are gone – they will not come back. The party of Business – The Republican Party, sold those jobs to other countries for profit, and they are never coming back to the US unless the people who work in those factories take a pay cut to bring them to 50 cents an hour. And that isn’t going to happen either.

John McCain will not bring new jobs – he will continue what has gone on in the last eight years – why do I know this? Because I am not an American voter – I don’t believe the spin that is pushed down your throat – I don’t believe that a man who is more for war than for the American people can do anything that effects Americans at home.

If you buy that McCain will bring change to Washington – vote McCain, I have no sympathy for you, you have stated with that vote you like where you are and are willing to stay there. But the problem with that is – the rest of the world is moving forward and in four years the world will have moved on – without you. If you want that – vote McCain.

There are many things I disagree with that Obama has put forward – but he is the better of the two men running for office. And as long as what happens in America effects the rest of the world – I have as much right to an opinion to what happens in the US as you do.

Do I want ‘Death to America’? Certainly not – I don’t think that would be of any benefit to the world at all. But, I have to question whether those who are voting for John McCain want that – because the death of an industrialised nation is stagnation – and that is what McCain, with his Bush policies is proposing.

Before voting McCain – really think about what you are voting for.

Op-Ed Columnist – Making America Stupid – Op-Ed –

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