Crooks and Liars » How to Brand McCain and Palin as Liars

Sharing this because I think it would work.

Lying by the Republican party is endemic in this campaign – and to top it all off, they don’t care if they are lying as long as it keeps them in the race.

Yes, there is those of us who think that Americans will vote on issues and not patriotic waffle, this is proving not to be the case – and I do apologise to those Americans who do do that, vote on the issues.

If you are draped in the Stars and Strips and say that a secret American mission to Mars has landed – it will be taken as gospel, only in America, eh?

But I do think that Obama should hit back and hit back hard – but just saying that McCain is a pathological liar won’t cut it – unfortunately those who believe the Americans have landed on Mars will believe anything – including that Iraq attacked the US first, no seriously, there are some who do.

Some believe that John McCain’s pick for VP was a good choice – yeah, seriously, they do. A lying, manipulative, secessionist, who can see Russia from her house – great to be VP, and some Americans think she is the bees knees – why? Because she believes that stopping abortion will be the one factor that brings the US back in line with…well the bible belt.

You know she isn’t going to do shite-all when she gets in to office, but she lies enough and that, unfortunately, is good enough.

John McCain has put it on public record that the reason he allows these lies is because Barack Obama wouldn’t go into Town Hall meetings with him. True that.

So, should Barack Obama lie? Why not, it is working for the Republicans.

Read the article linked to – it’s a good read.

Crooks and Liars » How to Brand McCain and Palin as Liars.

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  1. Julie P says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Good one! I hope he does it!

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