Bill Clinton: Obama will be president

And not by a tiny margin either.

The timing of bringing Bill Clinton out is going to be a killer for the McCain camp. Bill Clinton is another who doesn’t take prisoners when he is campaigning – he proved that when he helped Hillary. Formidable is not the word for it.

I have always liked Bill Clinton – the way her turned the US around when he was in office shows that it isn’t the Republicans who run a tight fiscal ship – it is the Democrats.

The Republicans run on some out-dated philosophy on economics, the Democrats don’t – and neither will Barack Obama. You can see that Obama will utilise Bill Clinton – and I do think he will have him as an advisor when he takes office. We will see many bring out the old arguments that Bill had with Barack – that is par for the course.

But – Bill Clinton will be campaigning for Barack Obama, much as Hillary Clinton is doing now.

“I predict that Sen. Obama will win and win handily,” Clinton said when asked his opinion on the state of the race.

Obama smiled at Clinton’s prediction, saying, “There you go, you can take it from the president of the United States. He knows a little something about politics.”

And that he does. There is still something about Bill Clinton that many in the US love – when he brings that to the table we will see quite a few changes in the poll numbers that so many are looking at with 50+ days to go.

How big will that win be? I still say it will be a land-slide once the American people start seeing through the lies that McCain is spouting.

The McCain camp should be scared at these big-hitters. They mean for Obama to be president and they will do what is needed to ensure it.

Thanks, Bill!

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0 Responses to Bill Clinton: Obama will be president

  1. pacer521 says:

    hmmm… I am a liberal and Obama supporter, but I still disagree. I think that McCain and Palin, but Obama is losing the polls trying to defend himself from that. He needs to go back on the attack.


  2. dennymajor says:

    I think the polls are still misleading . . . I still don’t think that the youth vote is being fully accounted for. A lot of polls go by “Likely” voters, some don’t take into account cell phones, etc. I think Obama has a bigger lead than is shown.

    I expect a pretty big win as well. Unless something goes terribly wrong in the next couple months.

  3. Julie P says:


    You may have a point. Remember the famous photo of Truman holding the frontpage of a newspaper with “Dewey Wins” on it. Cell phones….

  4. steve says:

    If there’s a big win, it will be Mccain. Unless Bill Clinton knows something, such as Biden stepping down and Hillary taking the VP slot.

  5. leapsecond says:

    That’s a big if, Will: I don’t really think the American people will see through the falsehoods of the McCain campaign. I don’t have much faith in them anymore — with their continued voting against their interests.

  6. usa says:

    bill is way wrong-obamanation is done.
    no socialism in my country.
    any one who trades freedom for socialism deserves no freedom-go to europe.

  7. Will Rhodes says:

    If the activists do get out, Brett – but they need to get out. I can’t see the American voter being as stupid as they have been these last two elections.

  8. JJ says:

    Well, if Bill liked the fact that Obama supported a man and sat under him for 20 years (as we see what he has learned from him by his new/old politics approach–responses similar but subtile like his pastor) and stated in a graphic way that Bill was doing to this Country what Monica was doing to him (actually acting it out behind the pulpit!), then Bill & Hillary have bigger problems. We are not blind to what’s going on at the present and what went on in the past. If Bill wants to fully support Obama and Obama supported his pastor then this Country would be in trouble–if you can associate yourself with someone for 20 years only for political reasons and not moral reasons then if Obama does become president do not be supprised of the outcome. Wow! Obama didn’t pick Hillary because he didn’t want to be outshined by her and look, McCain doesn’t mind giving the prospective Vice a shining opportunity–good pick McCain. Obama will not have time to process all things, there comes a time when you have to respond at the moment and if it’s not already built in you to have wisdom within, how do you expect it to shine when you don’t have it reserved–poor choice of words and judgement Obama.

  9. zionred says:

    it just goes to show how irrelevant Clinton has become.

  10. Daniel says:

    YAHHH BILL!!! Let’s hope your right!
    I hope you got the fix on.

  11. Daniel says:

    Obama does not attack. He does not need to attack… Damn it! I am seriously tired of American culture. I have lived here my entire 33 years, and I am sick and tired of this stupid backwards mentality that people think that one must have military experience or attack and fight everything in sight!!! Warfare does not make other people conform to your single-minded beliefs!! Hatred is pervasive in this country and it is encouraged to be tough and fight… screw this – it fuels hatred and resentment. No wonder every other country in the world really hates us!

  12. sam says:

    McCain is a war president , He is willing to sacrifice american kid life for his agenda. Today he would like to allow Georgia into NATO. Then We can go to war with Russia. Nothing will surprise me any more the american public voted bush twice, So i think the mule can fall into the same hole twice.

  13. Yellowbird1 says:

    You had better put Obama in there. Palin wants to go to war with Russia. And don’t blink. That will work! Not. At least Obama will talk to them. She is just like Bush and McCain in high heels!

  14. sam says:

    Agree anyone think that McCain is for reform think again he has been a senator
    for 25 years and now he just seen the light !


    Screw the republicans they are done!

  16. Joseph Back says:

    You mean like when he predicted it was going to be a Hillary – Rudy match-up? Don’t get me wrong, the former President knows a lot more about the numbers than I do. The Democrats are super fired up and organized, and before Palin I would agree with you. Nothing in politics is certain.

  17. Carol says:

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! He also predicted Hillary would win against Obama and he said OBama would have to kiss his *ss before he’d campaign for him. Obama sure must pucker up real nice! Nice try but democrats are toast . . . adios!

  18. Carol says:

    Three’s the charm . . . and that charm is Sarah Palin. Get used to it!

  19. Patricia says:

    B. Clinton is a knowledgable politician. He is shrewd.
    He drew crowds when he helped his wife campaign. They had seen a president come to their small town when no other active president of former president had ever been there -they wanted his signature.

    I think he will be a good supporter for Obama because his believes strongly in the Democratic party. His heart is in the right place. Go Clinton!!

  20. Mike says:

    If you happened to watch the ABC News interview with Palin do you feel nice and cozy now? If she gets in office where can we go to be safe? She wants to war on Russia and other great answers. A real winner here. HELP.

  21. Will Rhodes says:

    If she didn’t scare people before – they should be real scared now, Mike.

  22. ritgar says:

    Mike – I agree, what a nitwit. This has gone way beyond some of her extremist way out talk and the goofy stuff that has been uncovered. You think they would have at least prepped her on what the current administration (and her own Repub candidate) supports. The funniest answer was her supporting Obama’s position on a national security issue and being totally against McCain’s (oh, oops!). I do agree that the polls are skewed. Do you know anyone that has been polled? I haven’t been polled & I live in what was previously a VERY Repub county, my kids haven’t been polled, everyone I know that no longer has a land-line hasn’t been polled, everyone I know who does not answer unidentified calls hasn’t been polled. That is pretty much everyone I know.

  23. Q. says:

    JJ… Lets get something straight, just because you goto a church doesn’t mean you totally follow the Pastor on everything he says or does. Obama in his years before public office served his neighborhood and city, helping the less fortunate with issues that big time Pastors and Politicians would not step up to. People think that just because you belong to a church you are crooked like the people that run the establishment, and if that was the case we would be thinking that Every man that belongs to a Catholic Church is a Gay Lil boy rapist, but we don’t, we just look at the people who committed the crime. Now Obama was probably at the church but that don’t mean he was in his Pastors business. Sometimes God put good people in bad places to help others in need and this. It has already been proven that Obama has done alot of things for his city, and has helped draw up, and pass bills for people in the city of Illinois. What McCaine and Palin are attacking is his time in Public office, which is because Bush Vetoed nearly every bill the Dem’s tried to pass for the American public. If you wanna do some research look that up and defined that why don’t ya. Far as the folks jumping on Sarah’s bandwagon cause Obama did not pic Hillary that proves you really weren’t supporting her cause if Hillary would have won I would have still supported her. You just want a woman to win and this woman is the wrong one to support. I must admit she is a Hot MILF but that’s all it with me. I will not let that decide my vote for 4 more years of Bush politics just to see her when I could go online and fish up all the pics of her in her Swimming suit with a AK-47 in her hands while sporting the American Flag Swim suit lol. Please I’m not going to war just for you perv’s to jack off to her presidential Bill of Address speech. Get your minds right Why don’t Ya!

  24. JR says:

    Obamanation is never gonna happen. McCain-Palin is in and you social liberals will have to crawl back into your hole and GOD help us, never come out. If you think the mature and experienced will hand over this country to an extremist muslim, you are insane, it will never happen. We run this country and you guys need to get out of your diapers and grow up and realize that the rest of the world does not like our FREEDOM and the fact that we have the VERY BEST TO OFFER IN THE USA.
    That is because we are strong, and willing to go to the fight and not run and hide and ask “why are you mad at us?” “Can we make you like us again”. Screw that… there are more people wanting to get in the USA than we can support. You liberals are just a brat that does not grasp the reality of what it takes to maintain our country and keep it safe. McCAIN/PALIN ’08!

  25. Q. says:

    Oh really, then what will he do to keep our jobs from going over sea’s, better yet what will they do about people losing their homes because of lobbyist’s, further more why is it that almost every freaken conservative wants to jump in a war to spend Billions of dollars, but as soon as something home hits and needs to be address you call us whiners and think we supposed to support you? Why is it that you are called Conservatives, when you really don’t conserve nothing but taxes for your own kind? Why must we fight a freaken war you start. I say if you want to goto war then send you freaken conservatives with your kids over there and get blowed up. You all have perfect health care with your big money from the labor of folks less fortunate. Well guess what, you are going down this election buddy, all of you. Don’t trust that poll crap, you are going to have the biggest repub upset of all time and the funny part is CNN is not predicting this buddy. So just Wait, cause it will not be No McCain/Palin this time! Obama/Biden ’08!

  26. The Real Issue says:

    The Real Issue is not the poll which is scewed in most cases… will be the Nov. election. The youth, the new voters, the ones not registered yet, the strictly cell phone users are not counted and the reporting of the News Media is exagerated. President Clinton is correct……….Pay attention to the issues Americans, after all you have Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual along with several other banks going bankrupt. That is the issue and some of you want another Republican Administration that is suppose to cut taxes that doesn’t happen!!!! Who is going to pay for these bailouts…..”READ MY LIPS, NO NEW TAXES” Republican President Bush I…..He support new taxes and still didn’t balance the budget. Democrat Bill Clinton had a surplus, prosperity, and jobs!!!!!
    Look at the history and the issues, please and thank you.

  27. David says:

    Obama is going to switch VP candidates. Obama will act like it is all Bidens idea, but Biden is being forced out. Obama will go on TV and say” Oh No Joe, Don’t Go” but Joe will Go. Obama knows he cannot win without Hillary, thus the meetings with the Clintons yesterday and why Bill Clinton came out with that “I know who’s gonna win” comment. My question: If Obama can make this big of mistake on his first opportunity, how can this country trust his judgement and decisioin making in the future.

  28. The Real Issue says:

    JR, a writer on this blog, is not telling the truth. Senator Obama is not a Muslim. This is an insult to the Muslim Americans who live in this country….the racial insults. But keep it up JR, because the Muslims are not going to vote for your candidate Senator McCain and neither are millions of people. People are tired of the untruths surrounding the eventual election of Senator Obama as the next president of the United States. The REAL ISSUES ARE: Republican backed policies by Senator McCain that has caused: Lehman Brothers/Washington Mutual/IndyMac/Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae and other major financial institutions to be bailed out due to the economic proposals of the Bush Administration voted 95% of the time by Senator McCain. These policies have caused: higher oil prices/ higher food prices/ inflation/ more foreclosures/ more more individual and corporate bankruptcies/ “No Child Left Behind” which has left 50% or more high school dropouts in many American cities/ tainted food inspection problems/ Department of Interior problems with employees and oil companies (recent news-politics, sexual favors and money); leaded toys and other items shipped from other countries; jobs losts; jobs eliminated. The Real Issue, “Is your job on the block or is your business going bankrupt?” That’s the issue if you want to take a chance on another Republican Administration….afterall, the last 28 years, there has been one (1) Democratic president and he balanced the budget-had a surplus, created policies with jobs, no war, etc. THE LAST 8 YEARS HAVE BEEN A DISASTER!!!!

  29. The Real Issue says:

    To David on the Blog, Senator Obama will win the election with Senator Biden. Senator McCain has the same policies as President Bush and those policies have caused chaos for Americans. That’s the Real Issue not any individual for Vice-President, although I do like Senator Clinton and Senator Biden who will provide leadership far above any Republican candidate on this particular ticket.

  30. SJ says:

    Clinton is a moron. Who cares what he thinks.

  31. Howard says:

    The democrats and the liberal press are making a bunch of hay out of Bill Clinton’s endorsement and predictions for Obama … but, everyone knows that in reality, Bill Clinton doesn’t like Obama for playing the race card against him, discrediting Clinton’s legacy, and trashing HIllary in the primaries. Everyone knows that due to DNC political pressure, Bill and Hillary are compelled to support Obama, to insure their own political futures. Therefore, any endorsements, or predictions about Obama by Bill, or Hillary should be taken with a grain of salt, at best. Personally, it saddens me to see Bill Clinton put in a situation where he has to put party above country.

  32. steve says:

    Maybe when Obama loses he can go to Canada for politics and he might be the first Canadian black prime minister!

    Every closed door opens up new doors!

  33. jerreba says:

    Canada does not need Obama as their PM, it’s America that needs him at this crucial moment bcuz the whole world knows you always have a problem of electing a capable leader…tell me who in your rightful mind will compare Obama/Biden to McCain/Palin ticket, if not your so-called American values? All what we are seeing on CNN politics is following and believing in skewewd opinion polls daily. USA people be real this year….this election is important to you….Russia and China are rising, not your Sara Palin.

  34. Clinton08 says:

    If Bill campaigns for Obama like Hillary does, I am ALL for it! Her heart is cleary not in it and I doubt Bill’s will be either.

    Watch them campaign, really close. They are not supportive of Obama at all and if you know these two, have watched them for years, you will see it.

    Time will tell if the cloth will come off over the eyese of the Obamamanians…..

  35. Jake says:

    Bill Clinton has only one interest…himself. If he had paid more attention to what was going on in the world during his presidency we could have avoided 9/11 and all its consequences. He let Bush cleanup the mess he left behind. Clinton failed not only morally, he failed protecting the US from terrorists, he also failed by undermining the justice system, which is the foundation of a democratic society and he doesn’t get the blame for the collapse of the dotcom industry (Nasdaq).
    I would not let him come near my campaign.

  36. pp says:

    Hey Jake – This is so unbelievable, I can’t not repond!
    Are you trying to imply Clinton was responsible for the terrorist attacks? For not preventing them? I agree that the resentment /frustration that leads people to become terrorists had been building up for years – however, you can’t blame that simply on Clinton. How about Daddy bush & the Gulf War? How about the policies of previous administrations in the Middle East/Asia?South America??? It is a long & winding road!
    And wasn’t Baby Bush given intelligence of terrorist threats only months before 9/11, & he just played a few more rounds of golf??? Maybe if he had just paid a bit more attention …
    As for the mess Bush is leaving as a legacy for the next administration – yeah, he’s done a mighty job! And the latest is the Lehman Bank! How many more to come? You can bet that the Bush family (& muscle buddies!) have done very well financially out of the thieir time at the helm – not so the average American. And what really pisses me off is that all this mega-mismanagement will richochet in financial markets around the world, hurting millions of mum & dad investors everywhere. It is not just America that suffers from the Bush administration’s incompetence! Why the hell would anyone welcome the idea of more of the same?

  37. dellie says:

    As a member of Mensa, I just wonder what the average age, education and IQ is on this blog…I appreciate that everyone has an opinion, but to rant and rave without any research or education on your point is truly pointless…..People with a brain can immediately see through the lies on all of these blogs..

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