Is this really how women feel?

If Joe Biden isn’t nice – women will put McCain in the White house?

Honestly – I cannot believe what I read sometimes.

I wish Sen. Joe Biden luck. Although he clearly has more knowledge and experience than the governor of Alaska, he has a delicate task ahead. If he uses too heavy a hand with Sarah, women will turn on him.

Is this what it has come down to? As she is a woman and in politics and is running for the VP of the USA – her opponent has to be nice – because he is a man?

I do agree with this:

I can’t vote for you because we are on the opposite side of the issues. I don’t vote for people just because they have a uterus.

Hillary and Sarah are about as far apart as two candidates could be. Hillary is pro-choice, pro-gun control and pro-gay. Sarah is pro-life, pro-gun and anti-gay.

So the issues are what makes a woman think which way she votes – or because that naughty man has made her cry?

Give me a break – if that is the case why did women fight for the vote for so long? It was because they wanted to be heard, they wanted equality with men – and by God that is the right track! If they vote for McCain because 1, Palin is a woman, 2, because Joe Biden was a bit too tough on her – what does this say for all those women who gave the ultimate sacrifice to get women the vote?

It saddens me that I have to blog about that as a question.

Women deserve equality – but voting for a woman who is against your very fibre because a man, running for office was rough, well – that just takes the words right out of my mouth.

*Props mouth shut*

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Commentary: It’s not Hillary’s role to attack Sarah Palin –

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0 Responses to Is this really how women feel?

  1. cindyinatl says:

    Don’t generalize about women. Smart, informed and enlightened women vote on the issues regardless of gender. I think we have a case where the media is searching long and hard for one or two women who are going to switch their vote to McCain/Palin simply because Palin is a woman or because they are sore loosers and are looking for a vindictive strike. Sadly, the media will find some and then show them over an over and over again. People choose their candidates for some pretty strange reasons… and I’m including men in that statement.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    Cindy – can I ask you, or anyone else who is reading this – do you read the full post or don’t I come across in the right way?

    I said women deserve equality – I am 100% on that all the time, so is Barack Obama and Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton et al.

    Where did I generalise?

    I said: “It saddens me that I have to blog about that as a question.”

    And believe me, it does.

  3. Good analysis.
    Remember the GOP is good at the old bait and switch trick.
    They found the only black judge in America who hates civil rights and made him a Supreme Court Justice.
    Now they find a Bush in a bra and expect women’s libbers to take the bait again.
    How often do they think they can fool the public?

  4. Julie P says:

    Cindy, Will took directs quote from a commentary written by a woman. He wasn’t generalizing, in fact, he read my mind. And for the second time he beat me to the punch writing about it. Great minds think alike!

  5. steve says:

    why is she against every woman’s fibre? because of abortion? please…

  6. Kate says:

    You’re a brave man to be taking this on…

    I know as a woman I’m sick to death of it. The sad thing is that the numbers seem to indicate that many women DO think think that because Palin has a vagina she should be in the highest possible office. I’d like to see someone with a vagina in the executive branch, but I’d MUCH rather see someone qualified.

    Are we breaking ground just to break ground, being totally blind to what’s being built?

    It scares me to say that I believe that may well be the case. Of course by now you may have already seen my take on all this.

  7. steve says:

    why isn’t she qualified kate? only a few years executive experience vs ZERO?

    you don’t like her politics so you can’t stand her being VP, despite it having no power..

    grow up people…

    are you also afraid bush will take over the military and not hand over power on Jan. 20th? grow up

  8. virgomonkey says:

    Exactly! Actually, women are setting themselves back a few decades when they allow a man to get under their skin. These people need to get a backbone, be their own person, and stop the obsession with gender!!

    This is so annoying.

  9. I think it is about time some male stands up and sticks up for themselves.

  10. ellaella says:

    Love this post, Will. Not only can I not believe what I read sometimes, I can’t believe what some people are willing to believe.

    And I do wish politicians in general and Republicans in particular would understand that most women don’t vote with their ovaries. We vote with our brains.

  11. RWR says:

    Clinton supporters who are voting McCain most definitely do not do so because we love McCain and Palin. We do it precisely because we weren’t heard during the election, because we were silenced with unending accusations or racism and with unprecedented calls for a competitive candidate’s withdrawal.

    Posts like this completely miss the point by assuming that anyone, at least any life long democrat, is voting for the Republican ticket out of love and fellowship with the candidates. Rather we do it with great pain, because we feel there is little choice. Most of us continue to vote democrat for every other position, but we know that if it doesn’t hurt the party tactics won’t change.

    It’s a hard choice to have made, and continuously hearing insulting things like we’re only voting Republican because of the uterus doesn’t help your cause one bit. Sure, the uterus helps, but only because some people weren’t quite ready to make the leap, but were still teetering on edge — would they vote Republican, or, say, Green or write in Hillary. This for some is just a final nudge. It’s kind of funny and sweetens the deal.

    But these independents…you weren’t going to get them anyway. It was just a matter of which protest vote to go with — all with the aim of bringing down the Obama machine.

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