the wool over my eyes

i got up this morning for what i thought would be a somewhat exciting day at work…govt siezed freddie and fannie; computer glitch caused a crash at the london stock exchange; i knew it’d be a somewhat busy day in the markets and on the street in general. as i walked onto the trading floor, however, the following strip on our news ticker ruined my entire day:


*sigh*…why did this ruin my day? surely its nothing to worry about…just a post-convention bounce. right?? wrong. the damn republicans have done it again. they’ve pulled the wool over our eyes, and given everyone looking for even the slightest reason not to vote democrat an escape route.

most of all, it reminded me that this nation doesn’t love itself nearly as much as it should. no one who’s makde it through the last 8 years can deny that we need some sort of change. but for half of the nation to somehow believe that mcbush/palin are the answer is astonishing. this lady:

*  supported earmarks, then voted against them, then kept the money

*  married a registered seccesionist, and had not apologised for it

* called hillary clinton a whiner for crying sexism, then made it the mainstay of her defense

* is believed to have foreign policy credentials because she governed next to alaska?!?!?!

now the mccain campaign is running adds about change and calling their ticket the real change agents. people are buying it! my only conclusion is that there is a powerful core in this nation that WANTS to believe these things because it gives them an excuse. even the most blatant lies and deception! i know you’ve all heard this all before, but i don’t think it can be said enough…this clip really just says it all:

without a doubt, the daily show writers should work for the obama campaign (and as you watch the rest of the clips on that site, i’m sure you’ll come to agree). they are the only ones that seem to be asking the tough questions. i agree with barack trying to change the tone of politics and move towards the light, but is pushing back on the issues really negative campaigning? is showing these blatant double-standards really holding on to a higher standard of our own?

the most frustrating part is that the republicans have no such scruples, and they’re using this to pull ahead. palin’s convention speech was a comedy routine at the expense of barack, and the primary losers all made fools of themselves, and in doing so, somehow pulled mccain even with barack.

my question is…how is this happening? how is an entire nation being fooled AGAIN? and why isn’t anyone else scratching at the itch caused by the wool being pulled over our eyes yet again?

*sigh*…someone tell me when i should give up all hope.

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0 Responses to the wool over my eyes

  1. steve says:

    Will, you really need to chill out. Mccain is going to win the presidency, and the democrats are going to control congress. the world isn’t going to come to an end. You’re going to have a heart attack if you think Obama is actually going to win this. Just settle down, and realize the dems will have control of congress.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    Steve – do you ever actually look at who posts?

  3. museditions says:

    Do not give up hope! It is frustrating to realize that so many say they want change, but are frightened of the “type of change” the dems are offering this year. The polls are going to fluctuate widely, and I’m really looking forward to the debates (I think!). Those should seal the deal, and US citizens will get what they deserve. Which I hope is a better deal. 😕

  4. Will Rhodes says:

    I agree, Muse. 🙂

  5. steve says:

    Sorry will, I presume since it’s your blog, that you posted it.

  6. Alberto Tomato says:

    Palin will be president after McCain has a heart attack or stroke and will initiate WW III with a nuclear attack on Russia or Iran.

    You can count on it.

  7. steve says:

    @ alberto

    dream on. I bet that’s what you want. Just like the posts about George Bush not giving up power and becoming the emperor. PLEASE..

  8. Redphilly says:

    Whoever said, “It’s personalities, stupid!” certainly was right. But it is not true that all Americans are going to vote for Palin. I don’t believe for a minute that they will make our country better. Palin’s views are so extreme that is impossible. I grew up during the time when abortion was illegal. It was hell on wheels in our country. The bleeding and the death. It still makes me cringe, just thinking about it. I think Obama should constantly point out in his commercials how a McCain/Palin ticket will change the lives of American women. People are mesmerized by a pretty face that doesn’t tell the real story of how women’s lives will CHANGE under McCain/Palin. I don’t believe in abortion. But I do not think anyone should have the authority to tell you can’t have one. This happened during slave times. The slave women had to have the babies of their Caucasian slave owners. It was forced upon them. If McCain/Palin get into office, American women can consider themselves slaves to the Republican system.

    I am assuming that the women who want Palin are women who are Pro-Life. But I read that many of them do not know this, because she doesn’t look like it. As Joy Behar said on Larry King last night, “Palin will take women back into the dark ages. Let’s move it along here!” Joy makes some very good points. Watch that show. It was very enlightening.

  9. African in Canada says:

    My Grandpappy used to say “son you can fool some of the people, some of the time, but you cant fool all of the people all of the time. Im afraid thats pretty true with the Mesiah Barak. People realize his resume is paper thin. He is good with a teleprompter but cant adlib at all. In short he is just a good looking empty suit. The good news of course is the help the media is giving the REPS. By keeping up the vicious attacks on Sara they have invigirated the Republican base. I would suggest send another 100 people to Alaska. Like crying wolf too many times, people just dont believe the Dems anymore and are just more determined to win this election. 4 more years, 8 more years I say get used to it

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