The Green is not a go.

Canadian Politics?

The main parties of NDP and Conservatives are playing a bit of a naughty game – namely saying they will pull out of debates if the Greens are involved. She has met the rules by having an MP – but Harper and Layton don’t want to be a part of it if she is there, but why?

Her comments come a day after a consortium of television networks declined to let May participate in the nationally televised debates, saying three parties threatened to boycott but providing no more details.

In arguing against May’s inclusion, the Tories and NDP cited a deal she struck with Dion, in which they agreed not to run candidates against each other in their respective Nova Scotia and Quebec ridings.

Is there anything wrong in that?

Seems so – all out running or selective running? I don’t see what is wrong – the Greens are a small party and want to get their message out.

If Harper can apologise for a bird crapping on Dion, he surely can let a Non-threat into the debates. – Canada Votes – May calls out Harper, Layton for boycott threats.

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