The God Particle

Philosophy of a working man

For a long time I have said that I am a Christian – not your evangelical nut-case Christian, a real one who actually cares for people.

And as THAT kind of Christian I believe that the Lord God Himself gave us the wherewithal to do stuff for ourselves – even if it means us finding things out that could change the course of humanity itself.

CERN is going to run an experiment hoping to find that God particle – the one thing that may show up how all this universe is made up of.

Now, think about this. God made us in His image.

Thought about it? Good. Because that is something that I look at and have thought about it long and hard over the years. You see, evangelicals and the like make God in our image not the other way around. They can’t think outside the box like that – all humanity is what is God. Not that God is the being we all look toward to be greater and better than ourselves.

Can you just imagine if they do find the God particle? It will mean that we, as I have always thought, as individuals are more intertwined than we have ever realised.

We – yes we are stardust! Think of the Big Bang as the creation, over billions of years the universe formed – while that happened stars died and were reborn, much like they are still. And as we are made up of the very essence of this universe – we are those dead stars – so we are, in effect, recycled beings. The circle of life as it were – so, as it says in the Bible I read – we can never really die – we can only be forgotten – and that happens to each and every one of us.

We, as humans are made from that very first explosion so many billions of years ago.

So, whether we like it or not, it is not just the colour of our blood, the organs we have in our body’s that makes us all brothers and sisters in the greater universe – it is that we are all made up of the one thing that surrounds us and was once a shining star oh so long ago – the universe itself.

Multibillion-dollar collider to probe nature’s mysteries –

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0 Responses to The God Particle

  1. leapsecond says:

    So… if God made us in His image… God’s just a bunch of stardust? No wonder we can’t see him! Or prove his existence!

  2. steve says:

    Wow, i agree with you. I still don’t get why you are religious.

    I don’t need a sky fairy to dictate morals to me. I have better morals than the self righteous religious people who are often so hypocritical.

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