Down the Memory Hole.

cross-posted on Spreading the Word on September 9, 2008.

In the beginning of this election cycle, people said John McCain’s memory was bad.  Turns out it’s the American public who’s getting amnesia.  Since the introduction of his running mate, McCain has:

jumped in the polls;

all of the sudden he’s campaigning for change

his long experience isn’t his strong suit

christian conservative pundits who’ve for years been about women staying at home are now feminists

the invasion of Iraq is being “won” thanks to the surge

the government should bail out fannie mae and freddie mac

the economy isn’t in a shambles, it’s a “mental” recession

McCain didn’t vote with President Bush more than 9 of every 10 times

he didn’t shift from hating President Bushes tax cuts (which disproportionately benefit the few wealthy citizens and large businesses) to wanting them permanent . . . (take a breath here)

he didn’t rush to judgement about “the Russian Empire” and Georgia after Karl Rove vacationed there (and ignored a summons to appear before Congress) to stir things up

he didn’t flip-flop of offshore drilling

he didn’t criticize his running-mate for pork-barrel spending

he didn’t crash five planes before being shot down in Vietnam

he didn’t cheat on his first wife before leaving her for an heiress

he didn’t evade the “cone of silence” at the Saddleback Civil Forum or hear the questions

he didn’t sing “Bomb, bomb, bomb/Bomb, bomb, Iran!”

he hasn’t voted eleven times against veteran’s benefits in the last two years because good benefits might “encourage more of them to leave the army,”

. . . and these are off the top of my head.


Barack Obama is running for President of the United States.  He’s running to improve the lives of middle and lower economic classes of Americans; he’s running to stimulate the economy and small businesses; he’s running to insure that all Americans have access to healthcare; he’s running to redeploy our military to actually protect the United States and pursue our enemies; he’s running to reposition the economic burden so that the wealthy 5% are paying their commensurate share like the average 95%; and to restore the United States’ good name, image and relationships around the world.  

He’s running against John McCain.  John McCain is running for President of the United States.  He’s running on a platform that (as of this post, since he changes so often) benefits the wealthy, benefits large businesses, keeps our military extended in unnecessary engagements, further alienates the world community, etc.

We need to remember what the issues are in this election.  Arianna Huffington put it clearly today:

Just look at what’s being discussed just 57 days before the election. Is it the highest unemployment rate in five years? The bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? The suicide bombing yesterday in Iraq that killed six people and wounded 54 — in the same market where last month a bomb killed 28 people and wounded 72? That the political reconciliation that was supposedly the point of “the surge” is nowhere near happening? That Iraq’s Shiite government is now rounding up the American-backed Sunni leaders of the Awakening? That the reason 8,000 soldiers may be leaving Iraq soon is so more can be deployed to Afghanistan where the Taliban is steadily retaking the country?

Climb up out of the hole.  Take a look around.  As Larry Fishburne said at the end of School Daze, “WAKE UP!”

Sarah Palin: A Trojan Moose Concealing Four More Years of George Bush

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0 Responses to Down the Memory Hole.

  1. Julie P says:

    When I get home in about an hour I am going to IM you about this entry.

  2. ellaella says:

    Turns out it’s the American public who’s getting amnesia.

    From this American’s perspective, I think we’ve sunk to the point that we have no national memory at all. Far worse.

    ps – I like the new look!

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