McCain Palin Agents of Change?

McCain and Palin are promoting themselves as the party of change. I would like to know how. At first their strategy was to attack Obama on experience, a tact that Hillary Clinton took, but when McCain took on Palin he lost that argument, so McCain has adopted Obama’s strategy of change in a speech at the RNC. That is not change that is a follow the leader strategy and if you have taken any business courses while in college the first thing they teach is that this type of strategy fails and then say nothing more about it as professors consider it a waste of time to teach it. So as the race for the White House officially gets underway the McCain Palin ticket does a flip flop on which approach to take, but it all adds up to a losing strategy: follow the leader.

McCain repeatedly says the economy is in great shape, yet no matter how many times he repeats this fallacy it still does not make it true. The facts remain the same the number of personal bankruptcies have soared this year along with business failures, bank failures, foreclosures, and a credit crisis. In the meantime, the unemployment rate, released just this week, is at 6.1 percent. The worst the unemployment rate has been in the last five years. The economy is shedding jobs, John, not creating them. Then just today the Federal government has announced a takeover of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, two mortgage giants. John, you sound just like Herbert Hoover, before you know it we all be living in McCainvilles.

As for his running mate Sarah Palin, she claims she was against the bridge to nowhere, yet in her gubernatorial campaign in 2006 she said was for it. Okay now she’s against it, another flip flop, and we’re all wondering what did she do with the money? She says she started the gas pipeline, but no one knows if it will ever get built with an anticipated construction start date of 2018 at least. Huh? Palin states she sold a plane on e-Bay at a profit, but she could not sell it on e-Bay, so she sold it to an Alaskan at a lose. Sarah likes to lie. Then to exacerbate things Palin likes to attack people, but refuses to be interviewed, so she runs and hides, just like McCain did after one of his spokespeople got questioned about Palin’s experience; he canceled his appearance on the Larry King Live show scheduled for the following night. That is a foreboding sign for their willingness to compromise, which is extremely bad in the international arena, and bad in the domestic arena. Remember “You are either with us or against us”? Just like their mentor George W. Bush.

The McCain Palin ticket is not a change ticket it is a recipe for another four years of a Bush administration.

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0 Responses to McCain Palin Agents of Change?

  1. leapsecond says:

    I really don’t comprehend how they’d label themselves as the party of change, when the only thing they say they’re changing is the earmark spending, which they aren’t going to accomplish anyways.

    Reminds me of the idiocy of another Arizonan senator on Wolf Blitzer’s show this morning… He basically blamed the Democrats for the collapse of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, saying they support market deregulation, while Republicans support a regulated market, which is utter bull considering how Repubs have ALWAYS supported deregulation of markets (Reaganomics, anyone?).

    Chalk this “change” talk to nothing more than doublethink.

  2. Julie P says:


    They remind of 1984.

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