And so to Canada

The next few weeks will be interesting.

The Prime minister of Canada calls an early election – so we are off and running in Canada, too.

There will be stark differences in the campaigns in Canada and the US – as most people don’t understand the American system – almost to a man, the Americans don’t understand the Canadian system. The Canadian system, in my view, is far better and should be adopted in the US, but that is whole different argument completely.

The difference on the TV coverage and the press coverage will be interesting to read – after all, this is my first Canadian general election. I really don’t know who I will side for just yet. Even though Stephen Harper seems to be a nice guy at the moment – and I looked at Stephan Dion, but Stephan Dion still looks weak to me – he doesn’t come across as someone who will do anything – but I am willing to be very wrong on that.

Over the next few days we will be looking at how this election pans out and how they, all the parties run theirs.

Let the show begin!

Canadian PM employs loophole in potential power grab –

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