McCain: We are going to stop sending $750Bn overseas

But I have a little question


How is 3% of the oil reserves in the world – US oil reserves, going to feed the US gluttony for said oil?

Now, I agree 100% that renewable’s should be used and that oil should be used the very least – but that isn’t going to happen. I have to say that Obama and McCain have got it wrong, Obama far less than McCain. McCain feels that drill, baby, drill will make any difference is obscene!

McCain now says – exactly like Obama has said for a while, proves McCain is a tit, that America will be free from foreign oil in 10 years – I say good.

But we have to think about the cars bought in 5 years time will still run on petroleum. A whole widespread ethos must change for Obama’s policy to work – that I can see happening. But from now until 2018 $750Bn is going to go overseas in oil spending.

Obama can make it work – McCain will just wait until oil comes down to $50 a barrel and then forget it while he fights his new war.

John McCain is lying to the American people each and every time he opens his mouth – with his lipstick mistress standing over him. Cindy will be pleased with that.

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  2. Arishia Nishi says:

    Could we start with ending the war immediately? That would save quite a bit.

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