CNN showing right-wing bias?

The best political news team on TV…

I’m not sure – but CNN does like to say that phrase, or something similar, quite a lot. But does this stand up?

I watch CNN – I know many disagree and say I shouldn’t – but there are shows on there that are great – Jack Cafferty for one. But as I watch I see only Jack coming out with real news – the rest – well…it’s just a matter of “showing both sides” of a story. This is fine – if you want to be completely bland, which CNN is at the moment. It certainly didn’t used to be.

There are so many stories out there that can be used – and CNN used to really investigate stories, so much so that other news outlets quoted them as source. This just isn’t the case any more.

But what I have seen is as soon as the Republicans shout media bias – CNN leans right, why?

They repeatedly show Palin/McCain ticket in a positive light – are those who work for CNN not Americans? I know that the BBC would be all over Palin and the GOP for keeping her away from the reporters, so much so they would have her on Sky (Murdock) just to prove that she is capable of a little questioning. She hasn’t been on Fox – Obama has!

McCain keeps on about his POW thing, I know that ITV would be asking: “OK – so what’s the policies, John?”

Is it that John McCain’s – or anyone who think this, sensibilities are more important than asking what he will do for the American economy?

OK – you can look at him as an American war hero if you want, that’s fine – but he is in an election race for the most powerful job on the planet, which is more important? That is what I feel CNN and others should be concentrating on. Many, many web sites and blogs are asking the same thing. I point toward CNN because of their claim – and if you can’t back up that claim then stop using it or do something to prove it.

Campbell Brown did just that the other night – and McCain, in a petulant response terminated an interview with Larry King.

I know that in the UK and Europe that the politician wouldn’t have dared to do that. He/she would have been lambasted by both written and TV media so much they would crawl into a corner and cry.

Why are the Republicans getting away with trying to control the media and succeeding? What happened to the free press? Is it only bloggers and their ilk who are willing to tell the truth? If that is the case then it does go to prove that advertising revenue is more important than the real news, especially in this election. An historic election if ever there was one in the US.

Ratings seem to be the be-all and end-all. But if you want your ratings to go through the roof do exactly as Campbell Brown did, and ask the questions politicians don’t want to answer – and if they don’t answer, ask them again!

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0 Responses to CNN showing right-wing bias?

  1. Julie P says:

    Just this morning I listened to the Republicans crying that CNN is still extremely biased on their reporting of them.

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  3. Julie P says:

    I don’t remember where I read it, I’ll have to look for it, but she has a history of doing that. Hit and run attacks.

  4. RonH says:

    If CNN is showing McCain and Palin in a positive way, that is because the story is positive. I think some of you think that if the news is good about your canidate and bad about the others that is good unbiased reporting. Guess what, if they really were unbiased in their reporting, the great savior Obama would never have a chance in this election. Palin has more experience than he does and he wants to be president. No way would I vote for a president to see if he does what he says, only vote for a President who acually has done something for your Country.

  5. PC says:

    I agree that CNN is not challenging the Republicans at all lately. With all the questions that have been raised about the Sarah Palin pick, I would expect their coverage to be more balanced. Sure, she’s an exciting energizing pick for the GOP, but why aren’t they questioning (or at least reporting) her actual positions, her past decisions?
    From a woman’s perspective, it seems they are afraid to criticize her because she’s a woman. That is sad, because they had no problem raking Hillary over the coals.

  6. Rebecca says:

    I agree as well. Frankly – how can they keep presenting Sarah Palin as a feisty, tough, pit bull – when in fact she is afraid to talk to the press? Repeating the talking points of either campaign is not news – it’s PR. Women don’t need to be hidden and protected – ask Sarah some questions!

  7. Hannah Stevens says:

    How can the people get to know who she is and what she really stands for if she never talks to the press? She said she would work for the people but she doesn’t even come out of her igloo to talk with them. This is America and we need an open and transparent government. These are the same tactics that the bush administration pulled, refusing to testify and not talking openly to America.

  8. Gilby says:

    Its perfectly ok to do a ‘Hit Pile on” on the woman that is running for VP of the USA, as long as you do the same CNN quality work on the Democrate President.
    Start with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

  9. American Lady says:

    You have got to be kidding me! This station is SO incredibly biased against McCain and Palin… This station has an agenda and that agenda is to put the GOP in a bad light… never mind the facts… don’t let those get in the way of a good sensational story.

    Your question of the day today, after showing the poll numbers you have, stated that the number do NOT reflect anything after Palin OR McCain’s speech… then you proceed to ask the question “why do you think there was no bounce after the republican convention?

    Are you kidding me! You are trying to make your own storyand imply that there is no bounce from the convention. Why would you ask such a question? It is completely irresponsible and I hope that the American people see through your lies.

  10. AnnT says:

    CNN IS Rightwing bias. Look how many days his Palin story and pciture has been the leading political story. Real journalist would be pushing for info on Ms.Palin’s record, oh and let’s see, perhaps attempt to “wonder” why she is being sheilded by CNN and the McCain camp from any interviews/questioning. BUT CNN will not do that because it may force them to change the projected image of their “Golden Boy”, McCain.

    Cafferty yes, he sees it like it is, and I’ll credit Campbell Brown for her pressing interview about Palin’s decision making, but other than that CNN is basically NEOCON’s lapdog.

  11. Marie says:

    CNN Does not report all of the stories. It is bias in Palin’s favor.

    Check this out!!!

    Published on Monday, December 5, 2005 7:47 PM AKST

    Four teens arrested Monday for criminal mischief, trespass

    December 6, 2005

    JOEL DAVIDSON\Frontiersman reporter

    MAT-SU – Alaska State Troopers arrested four teenage boys at their Mat-Su homes Monday after they were charged in last week’s vandalism of 44 Mat-Su school buses – an incident that forced the Mat-Su Borough School District to close schools for a day on Nov. 29.

    Trooper spokesman Greg Wilkinson said the boys were in the custody of their parents over the weekend while troopers continued their investigation. The arrests Monday were pre-arranged so parents could be present when the boys were taken away to Mat-Su Youth Facility in Palmer.

    Deryck Harris, 18, and the other three boys – ages 16, 17 and 17 – were each charged with third-degree criminal mischief, first-degree criminal trespass and conspiracy to commit criminal mischief, troopers said. The 16-year-old was also charged with fourth-degree theft and furnishing alcohol to a minor, for allegedly stealing a bottle of vodka from the liquor store at Tesoro 2-Go in Wasilla.

    “They stopped at a liquor store where he went in and stole a bottle of vodka and provided it to the others in the group,” Wilkinson said. “Three of the four boys consumed alcohol.”

    Troopers did not release names of the juvenile suspects, but David Coon’s mother confirmed her son was one of two Burchell High School students involved in the incident. The other two boys are Wasilla High School students.

    Mat-Su Youth Facility Superintendent Bruce Collins said youths in this situation must see a judge within 48 hours of their detention at the facility.

    “The clock is ticking,” he said. “These guys will probably go to court today or tomorrow.”

    Depending on the situation, Collins said the youths could face a number of different scenarios when they go before a judge.

    “It can go a whole bunch of directions,” he said. “If they can’t go back home, we don’t have a whole lot of foster homes in the Valley. In that case they might stay with us. If they order psychological evaluations, they will stay with us until that can be completed.”

    The boys are suspected of deflating tires in 44 First Student buses, breaking mirrors and unplugging 110 buses from their engine-block heaters, which caused the buses not to start in subzero weather on Nov. 29.

    Contact Joel Davidson at 352-2266 or

  12. Terri says:

    Jack Cafferty is th eonly reasoin to watch CNN otherwise it’s just crap.

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