US Little Britain

Now there will be culture!

Practically zero % of Americans or Canadians will know about Little Britain. One thing I can say is that they will be either laughing all day or just scratching their heads in awe and amazement.

If, and I really hope that it isn’t, Little Britain is made specifically for a US audience – it will be killed, but looking at the BBC site the show will include such as Vicky Pollard and Co – and that will be brilliant.

The show is a one of its own – somethings you will cringe at so much other things are just beyond crazy.

Come the 28th Sept the show will air on HBO – it is something well worth watching – because it is simply nuts!

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | US Little Britain set for BBC One.

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0 Responses to US Little Britain

  1. Gary Murning says:

    I showed an American friend a clip of Lou and Andy a while back and she just thought it was cruel… a confusing reaction, but possibly quite typical. We shall see.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    With Little Britain and League of Gentlemen – you really have to understand the British sense of humour, Gary – or you are lost LOL.

  3. Maureen says:

    Must admit that I find some of LB hilarious, some bits decidedly uncomfortable, and others downright revolting. It is an aquired taste that I doubt will go down with US audiences unless it’s edited a bit, and then I think it will go down with some. All the vomiting and peeing turns many off even in the UK, so I do think that should be cut out. Even the stars of LB recently admitted that they did go too far with those sketches. Most Americans/Canadians I know are pretty reserved, but enjoy a good laugh. Let us know the outcome and reactions, I am sure you will check that all out!

    Love ‘n Hugz X

  4. Will Rhodes says:

    Without a doubt! 🙂 And hi! Glad you posted, Maureen. XXX

    PS, for anyone who wants to know – I have known Maureen for a number of years and she is a great friend – even though she does vote for the wrong side. LOL

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