That DNA question – Bears

McCain likes to go for the cheap laugh

I am a little confused – much like John McCain.

I would have thought that being in politics you shouldn’t give your political opponent an easy target as to what you had done in the past – not that this is possible in all cases. See Palin and her mayoralty of that town – she left it in debt – some good decisions she made there then!

But McCain – on the stumps repeating his speech of last night, goes on about bear DNA. OK – now I can understand that this would be a problem if you had a hoard of men with darts putting bears to sleep to take blood samples, basically because that is what John McCain is trying to paint in your mind. But because John McCain is either simple, stupid or just plain thick – we will have to judge when we look at the facts.

The DNA in Montana debarcle is about people collecting hair from barbed wire. That seems a bit odd, no? Well I would look at it as a bit odd – why on this God’s Earth would someone walk around the wilderness collecting hair? Stupid you would say?

Erm…well no!


Because the grizzly bear is an endangered species. This is an environmental issue about whether they should be taken off the endangered list or not. The DNA, simply put, means that the scientists can say how many there are, which sex they are and how wide-ranging they are. And Montana is big! The money that was ear-marked, in this case a good thing – means that an act of Congress, you know laws and the like – can be run efficiently. Isn’t that what John McCain wants? A more efficient government? Obviously not. He would – without consultation veto that money, and make the office of president look more moronic than Bush does now!

Senator John McCain loves to present himself as a fighter against waste and pork-barrel spending. His fusillades against the “bridge to nowhere” (Sarah Palin voted FOR this at first) in Alaska and other such projects were well justified. But his jabs at a study of grizzly bears in Montana are way off the mark.

A report by Joel Achenbach in The Washington Post makes clear, however, that this was not really a study of bear DNA but a study that used bear DNA to determine whether the grizzly bear was still a threatened species or had rebounded. Mr. McCain and his staff either failed to realize that or chose to distort the facts for political effect. Either choice is not encouraging.

The presumed Republican presidential nominee also fails to mention that the project was sponsored by Conrad Burns, a former Republican senator from Montana who chairs the McCain campaign in that state. Mr. McCain never explains why, if it was such a waste, he didn’t try to curtail it on the Senate floor.

And why is John McCain, thick, stupid or simple?

He voted FOR this research.

McCain Misfires at Grizzlies – New York Times.

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0 Responses to That DNA question – Bears

  1. 4leslie says:

    Thanks for the info.
    I never understood that whole line which appeared in every McCain speech.
    Now, what really happened with Palin’s jet that she sold on ebay for a profit? I heard that none of that story is even true.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    Palin did put the jet on eBay – John McCain said that she had sold it, she, or Alaska didn’t get the right price for it. So then they took it off eBay and went through a dealer – of which Alaska (Palin) owes him 50k for undone maintenance.

    They didn’t make a profit at all – it was sold for a loss.

  3. Dick says:

    It’s OK to spend trillions in Iraq, but any money for science should be questioned, according to McCain, who doesn’t understand wildlife biology. DNA studies on populations of animals that are under stress (bears in Montana) are important. You must know the genetic relatedness between the different populations of a species, for management decisions. As populations of a species decline, inbreeding becomes one of the biggest threats to the survival of that species. This is money for basic science. The lack of understanding of basic science by the politicians, of both parties, is shameful.

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