Palin has had 15 minutes of fame – so back to the issues

From spluttered start to rousing ending – still nothing about the economy

The ending of John “The Coat-hanger” McCain’s speech was the best part – not just because it came to an end, but because he actually looked like someone who could inspire the American people to go in a different direction. I scored that part of his speech 3/5 – not bad at all.

Many pundits were comparing his to his sole mates speech – hers, in my eyes got 1/5 – not because of who she is, but because it was smug and full of sarcasm. Not at all presidential or vice-presidential as the case remains, for now anyway.

What I did find quite amusing was that this was John McCain standing in front of a few thousand Bush voters – he insulted them and they laughed with him, whooped with delight and smiled ever so broadly. I thought it an odd situation that McCain said that all they had voted for over the last 8 years was wrong – and they loved him for it.

McCain went on to his “change” aspect – and that he was bringing Sarah Palin to Washington to sell Air force 1 on eBay – what a bloody good idea that will be! Or not as that case is, too. Now, change has me wondering. If you haven’t been a part of the establishment for a long time you can take stock of what you see and then – if you have the power, you change it. This was my major problem with Hillary, too. John McCain has been a part of Washington for a quarter of a century – and changed what?

People speak of this Maverick – but why? What has he done other than a few insults to both other congressmen/women, his current wife and people who needed him like the MIA/POW associations. Why hasn’t he changed things before now? He had the opportunity because he was a part of the American congress – he was a legislator so he could have “stretched out his hand” and done more, but he didn’t – why? As was mentioned in the analysis part of the CNN coverage – how is John McCain and his government going to balance a budget with so much spending and cutting taxes? Of course, it will be a matter that the taxes of the lower paid and poor will go up – the rich won’t see a rise, a cut in fact, and massive spending.

The American government and its programs are a monolith. Deregulation has led, in some part, to where the US economy is now. Now it is a matter of putting beef and John McCain and sarcastic Mary will have to say what they will do about the economy.

This is where the two men will be judged.

John McCain – failed Bush policy and the same as it were, or Barack Obama who will bring about a change – not complete change, that cannot happen in his first term, but he can get somewhat there.

80% of the American voters want change – and John McCain cannot bring it.

McCain: ‘Fight with me’ –

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0 Responses to Palin has had 15 minutes of fame – so back to the issues

  1. abullock says:

    Excellent! Thank you…
    Its fast becoming clear that the sort of gutter-snipe level politics that Sarah Palin has espoused to is not the stuff of the 21st Century.
    A McCain-Palin ticket will send America back towards an increasingly divided nation. More Red, More Blue, but not United.
    Sarah Palin is a puppet for the Far Right and she bounces well on their strings.

  2. steve says:

    uh oh, looks like people are bitter that Palin took the spotlight away from the messiah, I mean Obama.

  3. steve says:

    @ Abullock

    Are you suggesting Palin is a puppet because she’s a woman? Are you suggesting she’s not capable of having her own views? That she’s somehow weak and is being controlled?

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