That's where Cheney is!

And we just thought he was ignoring John McCain.

Cheney was about and about in Georgia telling them that they were about to get some much needed cash from the USA – where does the US get all this money from? Ah, yes – the working poor in the US. Can’t have those rich people paying for stuff now can they?

But he was in Georgia like I said – telling them that they will get cash, a $Bn, and that they will also be a part of NATO pretty soon.

Cool, eh?

What this means is that Cheney is readying Europe for war against Russia. He and his puppet, Bush, are getting all things up and running for their puppet, John McCain – as always people like Cheney, Bush and McCain don’t want to fight a war on American soil so they will fight it elsewhere – no one in the US wants war, well not the people who think, Republicans are a different matter – and not all of them want war.

“Georgia will be in our alliance. NATO is a defensive alliance. It is a threat to no one.”

His words of support for Mr. Saakashvili placed him on a direct collision course with Russia’s leaders who have labeled the Georgian president a “political corpse” and who have made clear that they see Georgia’s membership of NATO as intolerable.

There are those who are in diplomatic talks over this situation – they are the Europeans, Mike Huckabee doesn’t like Europeans – he said so last night at the GOP – so that brings him into the mix as well.

What is it with the GOP hating Europe? Because Europe doesn’t want war? Well – if Cheney, Bush and McCain have their way – Europe will be at war.

Nothing at all to do with the EU being a massive trading bloc and the Euro rivalling the dollar has it?

Things that make you go hmmmm?

Cheney Backs NATO Membership for Georgia –

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0 Responses to That's where Cheney is!

  1. thebeadden says:

    Hmmmmmm? 🙂

    I don’t think it has anything to do with that either Will. lol

  2. steve says:

    Will, the top 5% of earners in the US pay over 53% of the income taxes. How exactly is the working poor doing this when the facts show otherwise? The rich pay far far far more than their fair share of income taxes. Should they pay more? Yes, but not that much more. I would think maybe the top five percent should pay 25% of the taxes at most

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