Evangelicals: Are they stupid II

Making the case

I am not bothered about the age a girl/woman has a baby. It really is none of my business – the family and friends of that woman/girl should support her and not ostracise her because she has a child.

There are as many reasons for having a child as there are for not having a child – we, as humans, are very complicated things – unlike what our dear evangelical thinkers would like you to believe. Their world is very simple – you follow the rules laid down by a few men who have said they can speak to God Almighty – and you believe them.

That pre-amble is needed because that is what I see with Evangelicals. I don’t think that I have seen a more intolerant group other than fundamentalist Muslims. Jesus and Mohammed, as far as anything I have ever read preached peace and tolerance.

You can use the argument that Mohammed fought wars and converted people to Islam, many use that argument vociferously. But we have to look at the whole context of thinks not take one line or verse that confirms our belief – that ISN’T what faith and belief is all about. It IS about living together in such a way that we really can all get along. So, you have a two-sided coin with the evangelical fundamental Christian on one side and the fundamental Muslim on the other. The same coin.

The rest of us are sick to death of both!

In both the fundamental systems you see that – one of the over-riding requirements is that women have to be submissive and subjugated. Women, on the whole do not want to be subjugated or submissive – some do, this is my argument with radical feminists, and feminists on a whole if they take that stance.

Women are not a commodity – they never have been! Laws made by men made them a commodity – as a society we have seen the roles of women change for the better in most cases, but that still isn’t acceptable to some. Some feminists what the female role pushed above others – some fundamentals want women subjugated once again. Neither is the correct way for society. Men and women should be seen as equal in all forms in the eyes of the law. How they then live their lives has nothing to do with anyone else, feminist or evangelical or Muslim.

So, we come around to the dear daughter of Sarah “gun-toting” Palin.

A fundamentalist Christian who is a woman as well. Where does her loyalties lie? She is carrying a baby – and that baby should not be attacked – this young woman made a mistake in getting pregnant, her boyfriend made a bigger mistake for not wearing a condom, IF she had been on the pill and he wore a condom because they had been educated correctly, well – I’ll let you do the math – two wrongs don’t make a right, but in our world of faith we should have the ability to understand that these things happen.

Now, where does that leave Sarah Palin?

Certainly not in a good spot. I listened to Barack Obama yesterday saying that family is out of bounds – which it should be. But Sarah Palin is running for the second highest office in the US – and she could become president, so she is going to get questioned.

As I have said before – I don’t buy into conspiracy theories at the drop of a hat – I need some reasonable facts to even think about them.

So, as always, as my wife is my greatest advisor – I asked her advice. She gave it, and again, as always, her advice made complete sense.

The baby of Sarah Palin, the youngest, Trig, got me thinking. I had read a tumultuous amount of blogs about the child – and one thing kept coming back to me that just didn’t make any sense at all. This is the point where my wife said, “Let me look” and she began. If you want someone who can find stuff on Google – employ my wife.

Within minutes she found contradictory entries. Found that pictures had been deleted ad infinitum, web pages moved and moved back – wiki stories re-written and re-written again. Some stories plain stupid even for your run-of-the-mill conspiracy theorist, other not so much.

But, as my wife has had three children – she came across stories that Sarah Palin had broken waters, done a lengthy speech, took a flight to Seattle then Alaska (there is a waiting time to board the connecting flight) – made it to hospital, in Alaska, and gave birth – my wife, who has had three children looked at that and, in her opinion, felt that was just about impossible to do.

To the men out there – ask you wife! Waters breaking doesn’t mean that you are going to have the baby in the next few seconds – it means the birth process has begun – and even that isn’t etched in stone – but Sarah Palin has had 4 children before Trig. She knew what was about to happen. She also knew the laws about getting on a plane. She also knew she was having a downs syndrome baby, and she knew how long that flight etc was going to be. Why was she so intent on getting back to Alaska to have Trig?

There are many perfectly good hospitals in Texas where she could have her child. Why not just stay there to have Trig? Unless there was another reason?

Bristol had been out of school for some months with Mononucleosis or commonly known as glandular fever:

Not everyone has all of the classic mono symptoms. There are cases so mild that they’re barely recognizable as a disease. Many people just have swollen glands, and some just suffer fatigue. Other people may have a fever, a sore throat, and swollen lymph glands. In a smaller percentage of people there may be complications such as jaundice (a yellowing of the skin due to liver damage), enlargement of the spleen, and even rarer complications such as encephalitis (brain inflammation).

In half of those who have mononucleosis with symptoms, the spleen enlarges, and in about 20%, the liver also swells. If you have mononucleosis, you’ll be advised to avoid heavy lifting or strenuous sports for 3 months, because the spleen is fragile even if it isn’t swollen. The organs slowly return to normal after the infection; however, there’s a small but real chance of the spleen rupturing.

The most common, but still rare, complication of mononucleosis is rupture of the spleen. In about half of these ruptures, the person isn’t exercising when it happens. Rupture of the spleen can sometimes be painless, but it leads to low blood pressure and shock. Less than 1% of people with mononucleosis actually die from rupture of the spleen or rarer complications like encephalitis.

Treating and Preventing Infectious Mononucleosis

There’s really nothing modern medicine can do about viral infections like mononucleosis. Fortunately, most cases are mild. Stay in bed for a few days, and don’t hurry back to school or work. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices to avoid dehydration. You can take various syrups to soothe a sore throat, and acetaminophen to control fever.

So, how bad was Bristols infection? If it was so severe that she had to be off school for such a long time, was she seen around her town, out and about like other teens?

“Mono” can lead to a rupturing of the spleen – very dangerous indeed – life-threatening. But only if something is so strenuous and very active sports or heavy lifting/pushing.

Even though this Conspiracy looks to have weathered this storm there are those, like me, who don’t take things at face value. And especially when the facts don’t match what is said.

If, and I mean IF Bristol Palin did have Trig, who cares? But the fact that Sarah Palin covered it up matters much more. She is running for office, and although doesn’t have to be squeaky clean, when it is the office where she would have to step into the shoes as president – a scoop like this can destroy what she has.

At the moment the facts don’t add up. Much like going to an Evangelical Church with very limited intellectuals telling us what morality we should have.

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  1. Lottie says:

    Seeing as Trig was born on April 18th of this year and Bristol is already five months pregnant right now, doesn’t it seem unlikely that she is Trig’s birth-mother?

    I’m with you in that it doesn’t matter, I’m just saying that when you consider those two details, there doesn’t seem to be much more to talk about really. I mean, I know it’s technically possible, I’m just don’t think it’s likely. I know I wasn’t ready to get busy within a couple of weeks after giving birth.

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