This will be one of the few times I do a movie review

But I just had to

Out of five stars I have to give this film 3 3/4 stars. It was funny – hilarious at some points, so much so I had to go back to see what I had missed.

My wife was exhausted and slept a while – I laughed so much I almost woke her up – twice!

What film, then, do I speak of?

Postal. A by-line for it, “The live action South Park” but I disagree, it was much, much funnier and made a little sense – but if you like South Park you will wet yourself with this film.

If you can be offended this film will offend you. It takes the stereotypes we love so much, puts them in the spin-cycle and comes out punching. Nothing, and I mean nothing is a no-no. I do warn you – that is so true.

Political-correctness it is not – and that is what is so funny at first. But it is also a little political, but not your mundane, everyday political satire – it takes politics to a place you wish politicians would take it.

I would, if I were you, just grab it off the shelf and really don’t think about it. Parts of the film will open your eyes to the neocon conspiracy – and the love between Bush and Osama bin Laden.

On the front of the cover it says:


This one started after that.

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  1. OK, ya talked me into it. I’ll be back with my review! (Soon as I get it, of course.)

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