Evangelicals: Are they that stupid?

A question we have to ask.

I was reading this story – and, with most things GOP and evangelicals – it had a wild western quote in it.

We all now know that Bristol Palin likes to shag – she is a 17 year old who got pregnant, not by the angel Gabriel, but by her boyfriend while having a romp in the hey (snow) somewhere.

This is something that teenagers do – good parents talk to their kids about such things, evangelicals don’t – apparently. But we do know they don’t live in the real world anyway, but that is by-the-by.

If you want a clear diction of what an evangelical is – grab that film I reviewed earlier “Postal”. The fat bastard is the evangelical.

But back to this. Evangellies think that the majority of us believe in what they do – or not as the case may be – I love arguing with them – it’s like arguing with a reformed Johvie on speed. Evangelicals have no comprehension of what the real world is like, Sarah Palin has proved that with her remark about not know shite-all about the troop deployment in Iraq.

What to piss a evangellie off? Tell them that they are a naked ape!

Palin and John McCain oppose abortion and have supported promoting abstinence in schools, which would seem to make Bristol Palin’s pregnancy an inconveniently timed development.

But she is keeping the child, a fact that could make the Alaska governor — whose candidacy has been enthusiastically embraced by evangelicals who regard her as one of their own — even more popular among that key GOP voting bloc.

Well John “The Coat-hanger” McCain doesn’t really oppose abortion – he is saying that now because he needs the votes – case one why evangelicals are stupid.

Hypocritical as they are, the evangellies are rallying around Palin – because she is one of their own. Most Americans are still scratching their heads – there must be a lot of bleeding scalps now – about how this woman became McCain’s VP pick. But with the child of the woman having her own child out of wedlock, the evengellies are saying, quite bemusingly, that they are doing the right thing because she isn’t having an abortion. There isn’t anything wrong with supporting you child who gets pregnant – that is a natural thing to do. But the evangellies want the whole world to 1, go back to the 1950’s, 2, go back to the 1950’s. They are a one policy movement – that isn’t change, and if it, is it means it is backward change.

I really can’t wait for our dear Hillary gets to grips with all this – that will be fun.

By Monday afternoon, evangelical leaders were circling the wagons.

“The media are already trying to spin this as evidence Gov. Palin is a ‘hypocrite,’ but all it really means is that she and her family are human,” Dobson said. “They are in my prayers and those of millions of Americans.”

Dobson – we are all human – but you feel that some are more human than others…now, which book was that in before?

Palin is a hypocrite – it is as clear as the nose on your face.

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0 Responses to Evangelicals: Are they that stupid?

  1. ajnone says:

    Maybe one of your readers can answer the question that concludes my latest post. 9-1-9


  2. Julie P says:

    Is that a rhetorical question?

  3. leapsecond says:

    Wrong, Will. Evangelicals wouldn’t be evangelicals if they thought everyone was just like them, by definition. There’s a difference between a zealot and an evangelical. Palin’s both, I think.

  4. rkf says:


    An Ill Wind that Blows Nobody any Good?

    A huff and a puff and away they went

    George Bush, Dick Cheney, blown off of the stage

    God truly moves in mysterious ways

    His wonders to perform

    Gone with the wind

    Gustav has spoken,

    The ripples of sand on a quiet beach

    Pounded by Gustav, and battered by storm

    The wind dies down, and the waters recede

    The beach is as smooth as a baby’s ass

    The sea as calm as the top of your glass

    God surely is on the side of the Republicans. He must have had the date of the Republican Convention in mind, and he surely understood that the Republicans needed some help.

    No wooden poles on stage to play against the back drop of the Convention of Democrats, which would play out poorly by comparison.

    And no Sarah Palin on stage to espouse the cause of women, promote Juno, and give more voice to the die hard right.

    And where is McCain?

    Gone with the wind.

    He will now come back as a nominee by Satellite, having compromised his campaign, for the benefit of the American people being hounded by Gustav.

    A stroke of genius. Now if only he could get another Gustav to blow away his veep, all would be well.

  5. Will Rhodes says:

    ajnone, a little advice for you as you are a new blogger – don’t just add your URL, ask if it is OK – some will just delete your post.

  6. Will Rhodes says:

    Dr Brett – I was being very long-winded in saying what you said. LOL

  7. rkf says:

    I am not sexist
    I just think that a woman with 5 young children (soon to be six), a small special needs baby, and a pregnant teen aged daughter, does not have the capcity to be a good mother and president. If she is campaigning to be a potential president, she should not at the same time be espousing the virtuousity of her motherhod.

  8. Todd says:

    For the record, in the purest sense evangelicals do not adhere to any political leanings. They are as diverse as any group of individuals. For instance, I am a evangelical who happens to be a democrat. Also, James Dodson is not the national spokesperson for the church even though he may be one of the most well known. As an evangelical here’s my take on the matter (if you care…).

    Being a father of 3 children (10, 8, 2) I know the joys of parenthood and the committment required to raise them. That being said, I can’t tell you how many times my wife and I have had different views on how to raise our children, but through dialog and discussion we are often able to develop a plan or strategy which we fell is better than any one us could have come up with alone. Additionally, as one can imagine, caring for 3 kids requires time off from work when they get sick, running each one to their various activities and schools and attending to their individual personalities. Raising children is at the same time very rewarding and very demanding and wouldn’t want to think of doing it without my wife.

    On another note, it is important for a couple to establish their love and committment to each other BEFORE a child comes into the world. Bringing a newborn into the world can and does tax a relationship often to the point where it draws on the foundation (love, respect, committment) of the relationship in order to sustain the strain (2 am feedings, sacrifice (no Xbox, no flatscreen tv, etc) and change in one’s identity. The reality is that many relationships fail during this formative stage and this failure often leads to children who never realize their full potential. It’s not that evangelicals or at least this evangelical get off on telling people what to do, it’s just that we’ve come to believe that God’s divine order provides benefits to those who choose to follow Him. We also have a desire to share what we know to be true, although this sometimes comes off wrong. We need to work on it though.

    God bless

  9. rkf says:

    I am not American, but am a news junkie and follow American politics. I’ve also read your constitution, with amendments attached.

    It’s my view that your current administration (sworn to defend your freedoms, and uphold the constitution) treat your consitution in the same way as your fundamentalists treat their holy bible.

    The Holy Bible and the American Constiution are in agreement on the matter of Separation of Church and State. My own definition of Evangelical. Fundamentalism is “where guns and the bible meet”,

    Again, my own view, that if you are unable to wrest the executive branch of your government out of the hands of the religious right, you will see a further erosion of your civil rights (supreme court will become a political pawn of those interests), and your will face civil strife in the future.

    “Guantanamo” is evidence of your diminished 2nd Amendment, and your level of domestic gun violence is clear evidence of the abuse of the Fifth, largely becasue your supreme court is playing politics behind the veil of black robes ( justice).

    Enuff Enufff

    Go Barack Obama

    and once you’v taken a wide broom to your lobbyists, throw the clerics on top of the same pile

  10. rkf says:

    I mixed up the fifth and the 2nd sorry

  11. Malcolm says:

    Hey Will. Learn to spell and also learn how to write proper English before you begin to bash anyone.

  12. Sarah Reiner says:

    What HYPOCRITS!!

    Is that her 4 month old baby or her 17-year old daughter’s?

    If it’s Gov. Palen, then she’s going to spend more days at home and at the doctor’s office getting shots and what not than in the office taking care of United States business.

    I think she was a poor choice for the republicans and I also think this goes to show that McCain is a joke and not to be taken seriously.

  13. Obamasupporter says:

    As a working mom, I totally agree with RKF’s comment about Palin’s ability to serve in the demanding role of VP with small children-especially babies. I stronly support women who work with small children, but trying to co-run a country that is in demise while simultaneously trying to raise a special needs child means something is going to get lost. Sleep deprivation and new motherhood have clinically proven effects on decision making.

    Further, I do think that Bristol’s pregnancy is highly relevant to the election. If Palin couldn’t successfully manage her own family, how effective is she going to be co-running our country?

  14. rkf says:


    Seems to me that a woman and / or movement that makes campaigne fodder out of her own pro choice decisions, and parades her teenaged pregnant daughter in front of TV cameras, will not make mother of the year.

    The 3:00 A.M. phone calls will be about collicky babies, ear aches, and little Johnny in trouble, and that is a 24 / 7 stand by requirment, and in the case of this household extended to cover a second generation of babies, while mother completes her education (hopefully).

    Hopefully the whitehouse doesn’t call on a bad night.


  15. Will Rhodes says:

    Malcolm, on September 2nd, 2008 at 7:13 am Said:

    Hey Will. Learn to spell and also learn how to write proper English before you begin to bash anyone.

    As a drive-by post that was a bit pathetic – do you go to the John McCain school of computing?

    Copy and paste the mistakes and I will gladly rectify them – idiot.

  16. rkf says:

    Malcolm, I love the Queen’s English, but its my view that a blog, is meant for exchange of ideas, hopefully on a respectful basis, and not meant to be a contest of either typing skills or command of the language.

    So if you feel compelled to attack someone beacuse of a misspelled word, it mus be because you have problems of comprehension, are bereft of original thought, and hence you must fog the air.

    I grew up in a fundamentalist evangelical household, and can tell you with authority, that this concept of “only I have the truth”, is a belief that us gekd bt SHIT HEADS,

    Did I spell it right?

  17. rkf says:

    type correction

    “belief that is held by SHIT HEADS”


    cat’s running over my keyboard

  18. virgomonkey says:

    A good read on this topic, and thanks for the invite over here. And yes, evangellies ARE that stupid. Half of me cannot resist reading and watching the news about it, the other half of me is depressed. It is looking more and more like Obama isn’t going to win.

    Do you know someone wrote in their blog the other day that Palin is a MILF and that he’s moving from the Democratic ticket to the Republican ticket this year because he’s so hot for her. I wanted to weep…

    Go watch the movie, “Idiocracy”. It’s a comedy, and will show us all what will happen if people like these buffoons keep taking office.

  19. rkf says:

    Given the difference in performance of Obama and McCain it makes no sense (That they are almost even – Obama should be 20 beeps in the lead)

    It can only mean one thing, subliminal racism

  20. pp says:

    Virgomonkey – yes, I also have seen a reference to voting for Palin bc she is a MIFL! Disturbing!
    It also blows me away the number of people I have seen blog who say they weren’t going to vote this election & now they will. How can any sane person not bother to vote??? Don’t they care if they live in a democracy? They may as well live in an autocracy! And then to decide to vote on the basis of such trivia is unbelievable! I guess it’s easier than actually having to think!
    I don’t know if you have ever heard of Chasers – an Australian program that delights in exposing the ridiculous and poking pun at people’s idiosyncasies? Just look up Chasers on Youtube – there is a couple of clips that are hysterical! Especially God Bless America!
    Now I’m not trying to say that other countries don’t have their share of ignorant red-necks (hey, Australia had One Nation and Pauline Hanson – that’s pretty embarassing!) I think I have seen a lot of these sort of peole blogging lately supporting McCain & Palin!!!

  21. rkf says:

    I just cannot comprehend
    I tried to listen to the major speeches last night at Republican Convention, kept tunining out, just very hard to watch such enthusiasm for such a performance.

    What is so heroic about dropping bombs on North Viet Nam from an A4 skyhawk? It was another ugly war that should not have happened, and McCain despite all his so called experience is involved in anothr one, and you want to trust him?

    And what is so different about the North Vietnamese taking out their anger on an American who is dropping boms on them, form the way the Americans are treating and horrendously torturing their Guantanamo prisoners many of them arent’ even terrorists?

    More saber rattling is the last thing America needs, either at home or abroad. Do Americans not understnad that the Chinese, and Russians are not intimidated by Amrican might? They know you’re broke, and that the Chinese are carrying your debt load. America is strong, innovative, and industrious, but can no longer dominate the world scene and must lean to work together with other nations, or they will in time be completely bankrupted by your foreign policies. That is not what the world wants to happen.

    They just want you to kick out the bums in Washinton, so that they can work together with you to have you help them solved some of the pressing world problems.

    If McCain’s tactics win the whitehouse for him it will be at the expense of congressional support, and he will be a lme duck. The way he is carrying on its clear that he has already written off the moderates, all the afro americans, and his republican senators who will be losing their seats.

    Is it possible that your house will lose so many Republican seats in the senate and house of representatives, that the congress can override Presidential vetoes?

    That would be poetic justice but would guarantee 4 years of gridlock.

    Get rid of that trailer park trash; do you really want this unenlightened
    goon squad getting their hands on your constitution?

  22. plk says:

    OK, so I am probably one of those “elitist”types, in the sense that I actually listen to exactly what the candidates are saying and do some real research before getting an opinion, but I have to say that this election is scaring the —- out of me. We have just gone through the bush debacle (don’t need to remind anyone of the details of that), and I see the American public being led down the same garden path one more time. I have watched carefully what each candidate has said, and I KNOW that the McCain camp is using the same distortions and outright lies that the Bush campaign did. Why not – it works so well. Most American voters, while well-meaning, are just not taking the time to really LISTEN.
    They have been told that the same people are running the McCain campaign that ran the Bush campaigns, but accept that he is an agent of change. In 26 years, if he hasn’t produced any meaningful changes, why would he now? When senator Obama says that he will reduce unnecessary and wasteful spending in the military, McCain presents that to the public as a statement that Senator Obama will cut military spending. The two are just NOT the same. When Senator Obama says that he will increase taxes on those making more than $250.00 a year, while decreasing taxes to the middle class, the McCain camp says “Obama will raise your taxes”. This sort of spindoctoring is very reminiscent of the Bush campaign. Repeat it often enough, and with lots of conviction, and the American public will accept it as gospel. He is blatantly pandering to religious extremists and fanatic women with his choice of running mate. Who in their right mind would claim to support Hillary and then switch to McCain? . The infusion of right-wing religious extremism is especially scary. We are fighting against an agent of religious extremism, so you would think someone would get the idea that maybe this is a direction we do NOT want to go. Thomas Jefferson repeatedly warned against religious influence in government for good reason. All this being said, I am greatly afraid that again, this type of campaign may work one more time. One of the things I hate most about this is the fact that Senator McCain is actually a decent man who has served the country as well as most, and looks more and more like a puppet of his handlers. If you really want to know just how bad this is making us look, watch the news from the rest of the world.

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