In an unsurprising move – Iraq kicked the USA in the head with a $3Bn boot

Iraq signs $3 billion oil deal with China –

Not only is this the first contract signed with a foreign country – I would have thought that it would have been the US – but no, it’s China. After all the fighting Bush and his cohorts have done to get Iraqi oil online for US use, Iraq give a very large finger to them.

Why, after so many things are a-changing in Iraq, billions in surplus, the country coming to a vague stage of normality, and now this? I think, if I were US president and those who supported him, would be slightly peeved.

Why are US troops still in Iraq? Why is the US citizen still paying for the re-building of Iraq? The latter I agree with because it was, after-all, the US who decimated the country, but Bush and Co don’t give a damn about that – they want the oil – but it seems they have missed that boat, too.

Oh joy!

The contract with the China National Petroleum Corporation could be worth up to $3 billion. It would allow the CNPC to develop an oil field in southern Iraq’s Wasit province for about 20 years, Oil Ministry spokesman Assim Jihad said.

Iraq’s Cabinet must still approve the contract, but Jihad said that would happen soon and work could start within a few months.

The Chinese company will provide technical advisers, oil workers and equipment to develop al-Ahdab oil field, providing fuel for al-Zubaidiya power plant in Wasit, southeast of Baghdad, bordering Iran, Jihad said.

Once development begins, the field is expected to start producing a preliminary amount of 25,000 barrels of oil a day and an estimated constant daily amount of 125,000 barrels after three years, he said.

Now – it this the reason Bush and Cheney won’t be attending the RNC – or is it that they really care about the people about to be hit with another hurricane?

Now – I wonder……

Iraq signs $3 billion oil deal with China –

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0 Responses to In an unsurprising move – Iraq kicked the USA in the head with a $3Bn boot

  1. Hah! Cheney wouldn’t give a damn if every man, woman, child, and fluffy bunny on the planet died a horrible death right before his eyes.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    LOL – this is true.

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