Republicans and "Red Meat"

The formal introductions will come later, but I suppose the first thing you should know about me is that I’m an Independent. Any reasonable human being is. No one makes up their mind on an issue before hearing both sides based solely on the color of their tie unless they’re an idiot.

I must confess, though, that in the current political climate, I find myself leaning increasingly to the left. Not just because I find the color blue very comforting, but because my moral standard is weighing down heavily on the left side of my reasoning. The Democratic Convention has come and gone, and the people are full of hope. Hillary, Joe, Bill, Al, and Barack told the people what it is that they plan to do to put this country back on the right path. They threw in a few digs at the Republicans, but the power of their message was in its overwhelming positivity. They showed that Barack has a real, solid plan. Somehow, the Republican response to everything they said  wasn’t a proclamation of John McCain’s own better plans, but a denouncement of Barack as a mythical figure…all fluff and dreams. They critisized the setup of the Mile High Stadium as a temple to Barack, complete with Greek columns, without mentioning that President Bush spoke with similar columns behind him during his acceptance speech in 2004.

All through the convention, all I’ve heard from the pundits and “experts” is that the headliners weren’t hitting the Republicans hard enough. Because they weren’t mudslinging and bringing up family issues and destroying legacies with lies, they weren’t being “tough”. Mike Murphy came on MSNBC after Bill Clinton spoken and said the Clintons had done their job, and would now go out and vote for McCain…a deliberate attempt to rile up the crowd behind him. I haven’t seen any left-leaning commentators make such remarks. They Republicans called Barack a celebrity, but failed to realise that only a person who inspired genuine hope and excitement in oppressed hearts everywhere can create such a following, and that the power of their own ignorance is driving potential supporters away.

For most accusations leveled against Obama, there is a logical response. He’s been accused of being elitist and arrogant, though I fail to see how a person would presume that they make a good candidate for leader of the free world without having a bit more self-assuredness than the next man. All the smear tactics supported by his name, religion, blackness, upbringing, pride, celebrity, and even his wife have been turned on their heads.

So out come the Republicans in the coming week, with a message of their own. I hope, for the sake of the nation, that they have more substance than insults and rumor-spinning. Sarah Palin’s mysterious eligibility is the stuff extreme spin is made out of. Truth is that  fear of ignorance has never held back the Republican political machine, partially because they know their target audience. I still hold out an umbrella for them, hoping they come in from the rain and into the realm of the reasonable, salient politics. But to be honest…my arms are starting to hurt.

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0 Responses to Republicans and "Red Meat"

  1. Julie P says:

    Great commentary.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    Say hello to a guest writer here on the portmanteau.

    Welcome theonay7. 😀

  3. Will Rhodes says:

    Julie, I will be writing back very shortly to your email. 😀

  4. Julie P says:

    Will, that’s cool. I have some errands to run shortly. I expect to be back home later this afternoon. 8)

  5. leapsecond says:

    He’s been accused of being elitist and arrogant, though I fail to see how a person would presume that they make a good candidate for leader of the free world without having a bit more self-assuredness than the next man.

    Perfect. I find it incredibly sad that people call Obama an elitist merely because he worked hard enough to graduate from Columbia and Harvard Law…

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