Putin: The US made Georgia attack

Bit far-fetched – but possible?

Not one to run with a conspiracy without some fact base, this one does seem a little out there.

Putin is a good old KGBer and he does know how to pull the heartstrings of those Russians who still don’t trust the USA. Yes – the cold war was a two sided coin. Many just look at it from the American point of view, but the USSR was involved. Wrongly in my opinion – I never agreed with the USSR – but within her borders were people who were scared of that B-52 dropping a bloody big bomb on them.

Circumstance, like many times in politics, is playing its hand in his statement. There is a general election about to happen in the US and there is a war-hawk running for office, John McCain.

You see – as many Americans don’t understand, and those that do I applaud them, the world is interested in the US presidential race because it means something to them. This makes it important to their lives.

Putin is using that to his advantage – any politician would. John McCain uses the POW shite all the time, wearing thin but he still pushes it. That is what makes him, John McCain, like Putin – or Bush/Cheney.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino blasted Putin’s statements, saying they were “patently false.”

“To suggest that the United States orchestrated this on behalf of a political candidate just sounds not rational,” she said.

Nor does bombing the living Christ out of Iraqis – but that’s an old story. Saying that Iraq had WMDs – old but still pertinent. Not rational at all.

If you did notice – McCain jumped right on the bandwagon by saying this was a 3am moment. Obama condemned Russia just as much but didn’t use it for electioneering. McCain on the other hand did. By the way – his wife is still in Georgia I believe. When will that come up in his electioneering?

“Russia is responsible for the crisis,” Wood said in an off-camera meeting with reporters in Washington on Thursday. “For the Russians to say they are not responsible for what happened in Georgia is ludicrous. … Russia is to blame for this crisis and the world is responding to what Russia has done.”

Not for me to contradict but…Georgia started the whole thing – and should be condemned as much, if not more than Russia.

Putin accuses U.S. of orchestrating Georgian war – CNN.com.

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0 Responses to Putin: The US made Georgia attack

  1. PiedType says:

    “patently false,” “not rational” — Sheesh, you’d think after almost 8 years, the Bush administration would come up with some new lines with which to swat its opponents (both foreign and domestic)

  2. John McCunt says:

    Hey, c’mon be fair.
    George W. is a nut, I always told so. But I agree with him that we need wars. It’s profitable so don’t judge. Goergia is unimportant – we have to fight muslims and Arabs and Iran. And Syria. And Pakistan. And … ask my team, they know.

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