John McCain's suicide attempt and PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

As the president of the USA I would have thought that a full psychological test would have to be done. Basically because of the job that you will be doing – whether this is the case or not, how can the American people trust a man who really isn’t all there? Not the silly, George Bush is nuts thinghy – no, the John McCain tried to commit suicide thinghy.

What McCain’s promoters have carefully edited out of their McCain-for-president equation is his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Department of Defense psychiatrists have evaluated McCain for PTSD several times, the results of which remain locked by privacy laws.

Understanding that a man has tried to commit suicide means that he must have been through some sort of psychological help – no? If not, then he should and we have to pity and empathise with people who have been that low. I can understand why John McCain was that low – he was, as he keeps telling us, a POW. But where I find a problem with that is with you being so low and having a record of your mental state – where is it? I mean – he will let people see his tax records, his house records (Not really I was joking there) his other records. In his last run for the White House these things were questioned – rightly – but are not now, why? Because he’s old and we should treat him with kid gloves? Not when he has his finger on that red button we don’t.

Did and does John McCain suffer from post traumatic stress disorder? The story linked to shows some insightful things.

As we all know, John McCain was a POW – so why would he treat other POW/MIA family members like this?

Members of the two major POW/MIA family organizations know the “real” John McCain and they despise him. They have experienced firsthand his cruel, angry temperament.

In 1996, McCain encountered a group of POW/MIA family members outside a Senate hearing room. The family members were some of the same who worked tirelessly during the Vietnam War to make sure Hanoi released all U.S. POWs – including POW McCain.

McCain immediately began quarreling with the POW/MIA family members, who were eager to question him on the issue of what happened to their loved ones.

Instead showing courtesy and appropriate compassion by answering their questions, the Arizona senator pushed through the group, shoving them out of his way, nearly toppling the wheelchair of POW/MIA mother Jane Duke Gaylor. Her son, Charles Duke, a civilian worker in Vietnam, is among 2,300 American POWs and MIAs still unaccounted for by the communists.

The POW/MIA families, shocked at McCain’s overly aggressive behavior toward Mrs. Gaylor, registered complaints with senate officials.

We also have to ask why John McCain, of all people, is against universal healthcare. He, above all because of his treatment at the hands of the Vietnamese, knows that having no access to healthcare is a killer. He was beaten until near-death and no healthcare – now wouldn’t a man who had been through that understand that one of the fundamental rights of any human being is having healthcare, no matter who pays for it?

John McCain questions peoples patriotism if they disagree with him and his GOP fellowship – yet isn’t patriotism about loving your country and those who reside in it? You know – your fellow Americans?

I haven’t seen anyone questioning John McCain’s patriotism – if someone should would he explode as he has done before:

POW families were even more angered when they saw McCain actually bonding with his former torturers during and after the 1992 Senate Select Committee hearings on POW/MIA Affairs. Psychologist have identified behavior in which a prisoner emotionally bonds with an abuser as the Stockholm Syndrome.

This took place when meeting his old captors and the man who took him into captivity. Odd that but there is a psychological explanation for it. May be some – who are interested – should begin asking, each time McCain brings up he was a POW, why he tried to commit suicide and why he bonded so well with his captors.

Please, please do read the page and website linked to.

John McCain’s suicide attempt and resulting PTSD.

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0 Responses to John McCain's suicide attempt and PTSD

  1. steve says:

    even lower than suggesting someone who has a muslim father and grew up in a muslim nation is a muslim. how low can you sink to support a loser?

  2. theonay7 says:

    Amazing, in my mind, how the gop has somehow managed to keep this under wraps….Lord knows billboards would have been made of this had it been barack obama experiencing psychological breaks.

  3. Will Rhodes says:

    How low can I go, Steve? As low as any GOPer.

    theonay7, It amazes me, too – but I think, and I could be wrong, they [Democrats] were waiting until all the official stuff was over and done with.

    Personally I would wait until the last week or so to bring this stuff out. That will focus the mind on who you are really voting for.

    My search for McCain stuff will carry on.

  4. steve says:

    But one is a bigot and a racist if you look for dirt on Obama, but it’s okay to do it for mccain?

  5. Will Rhodes says:

    Steve –

    Why do you say that? Why do you keep up the distinction between both men?

    If I was a McCain supporter then I would do all I could to get out the information on Obama – you see, some of us can look at the man rather than the colour of his skin.

    McCain is what he is – and the information is out there for people to look at if they so wish.

    Let me say as clearly as possible. I don’t give a flying feck what colour skin you have, I don’t care if you have breasts or not – if you are a dick in my eyes I will tell you that I think you are a dick.

    And I think John McCain is a first class dick!

  6. PiedType says:

    None of this is news. And I don’t think it matters at all why he’s got a short fuse, a nasty temper, and a foul mouth. The fact remains that he does. I find that scary in a bitter, warmongering hawk who wants to have his finger on THE button.

  7. Joand says:

    John McCain’s smirks and out of context smiles during the Sept.26 presidential debate now make sense. I knew that something was wrong with him by his body language when he exhibited the above symptoms and his refusal to look at Barack Obama. I hadn’t heard about his PTSD before, but now this explains the erratic behavior. After his impulsive behavior lately and this new knowledge of his history of PTSD, I am also fearful of his being elected into office where he would be able to hit the red button.

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