Why not Canada?

I was really surprised.

I read this story, and – well, was really surprised that in the whole top 10, Canada wasn’t listed.

Canada is great – but living here I have noticed that one thing is apparent. Canada doesn’t promote itself enough. It is one of those time where you wish you have enough of the hard cash to do something about it.

The global image of Canada is – and this is true, that it is a cold, barren place. It really couldn’t be further from the truth!

I can sit here in temperatures upward of 35/40 degrees! If the New Brunswick government got their act together they could bring in a lot – and I mean a lot of cash. But that cash will go, if anywhere, to Ontario or the far west. Why? Because those place’s advertise themselves.

The Maritime’s are stunning. I have been here a while and would willingly offer my face on posters to say how great it is here. But – I’m English. You don’t need me – you need those who are here saying how good it is and get those tourists here.

But the story wasn’t about tourism – it was living abroad.

I can say that living in Canada is fantastic – but Canada has to let the world know that it is. If you can’t do that in the UK – you are missing out.

Come to Canada, eh!?

A survey of 560 UK students aged from 11 to 18 found enthusiasm for the US, Australia, Spain, Italy and France.

Ministers are using the research to encourage more young people to take up a language.

Most popular destinations

#USA – 55%
#Australia – 52%
#Spain – 47%
#Italy – 35%
#France – 35%
#New Zealand – 34%
#Germany – 20%
#Portugal – 17%
#The Netherlands – 13%
#Switzerland – 12%

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0 Responses to Why not Canada?

  1. Julie P says:

    Will, I grew up in Wisconsin. That state has well earned reputation for being cold and snowy, but like NB it gets hot and humid too. However, there are people who believe it’s cold and snowy there year round. I’ve had the same conversation with people about Canada that you’re having on your blog. Stereotyping is so much easier to understand for some.

  2. Ontario has Niagara Falls and little else to attract people other than an effective marketing strategy as you mention. For the best you have to go Beyond Canada – to BC!

  3. John McCunt says:

    How do you like my new foto?
    Doesn’t it look presidential?

  4. Will Rhodes says:

    You’re a handsome man John – even if you were wearing a bag over your head and arms strapped to your back – handsome indeed!

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