I respect the coastguard…but

Dealing with a perceived world crisis is not a time when you send them to Georgia.

John McCain keep telling the world that he was a POW – well that part is true. He also keeps telling the American people that he is the best one to be in charge of the US military, commander in chief, as it were.

But – why hasn’t he come out, because he is a maverick, and condemned Bush for sending a coastguard cutter to Georgia – when it really should be an aircraft carrier if we are to begin to believe both Bush and McCain?

McCain’s wife went too, but not on the cutter. Why? Well – she wanted to act like the first lady so she had to use a safe jet – her own.

So, what does this say about McCain’s foreign policy claims?

Not that much – the fact that McCain was a pilot and a POW means absolutely shite-all. He was a pilot – was shot down, captured and endured a lot of pain. Well – so did a lot of other American soldiers and pilots. Does that mean they are, as much as can be said, a perfect candidate for presidency of the USA? Did I say that he was a POW – that is what McCain keeps going on about, but what is it about being a POW that makes him think – or anyone think he is the best for the job?

I can’t work it out. Indoctrination, perhaps?

I have ran through the last few American Presidents and looked to see which were POW’s and what was so specific in being a POW that made them perfect – you can do it too, Google it.

I was amazed at the results.

Joe Biden knows John McCain – he does say that McCain is his friend, but will he, tonight, show us the real John McCain? I think so. I hope so.

I don’t think being a shot down pilot is the perfect qualification as well – but, as always, I could be wrong.

Biden, Democrats prepared to attack McCain on foreign policy – CNN.com.

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