Children and comedians only speak the truth.

Apathy to what is.

That was a line from the blog of Jon Stewart made me think. I have posted about similar things before but it is becoming more and more apparent that American news, well – just isn’t news.

It is a cross between celebrity promotion and dire consequences for being anything else than a gun-toting redneck.

Please feel free to correct me – but this is happening all across the board. It isn’t just the McCain camp and the Obama camp – both are to blame. Look at the adverts that are running, look at the TV coverage. It is a pathetic slime of he lied, no he lied. Not a jot about what the Americans are actually voting for. No policy is what I mean.

But the news carriers are not, shall I say, brave enough to do this. But we do have to add to this, the news media are pandering to what people want – and this in itself proves to me the American people are not, in the slightest, bothered about what goes on around them. I must be wrong – I have to be wrong.

In Jon Stewart’s blog Dennis DiClaudio asks: Why do I take this more seriously than you?

And it is a valid question. Why does an American comedian take this much more seriously than the journo’s he was speaking to?

Is it that they want the one “gotcha” piece that will throw them into international fame? What happened to just reporting the news as it is?

McCain keeps them, yes, the media – on a course of not speaking about the news or policy. At one time in the US, and still in Europe – Britain to be more precise, a journo, one who works for a newspaper not a Murdock tabloid, they would make politicians squirm. Politicians hated journo’s – they wanted noting to do with them and still don’t if they are good. Keep them away from anything where they can ask that pertinent question rather than “How was the wife’s trip to Harrods?”

Ask Obama to be more specific on policy – ask McCain why he puts up ads about a celebrity but won’t say why he believes American should be drafted. Make it gut-wrenching for those who are running for the most job in the world today.

Go seek, like other before, the real story. Namby-Pambying isn’t journalism – it’s being a cereal packet writer. And when was the last time one of those found a story that would change the course of a nation.

Journalists, American journalists used to be some of the best in the world – but now it is them who are the empty suits. They are happy to eat bagels and sausage and laugh at unfunny jokes.

Maybe the roles have changed. In a corporate world money means all. In the world of these corporate journalists, being the top writer and having ones name spoke by ones peers seems to be the norm – the alpha dog used to be the one who was strong and bit the hardest, now, it seems, it is the one who can pander to a suit.

Breakfast with Jon Stewart, Part One | Indecision2008 | Comedy Central.

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0 Responses to Children and comedians only speak the truth.

  1. Julie P says:

    Will, I blogged about this very subject over the weekend.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    Julie – you will have to advertise your blog or become a writer on this one. šŸ˜›

  3. Julie P says:

    I’ll e-mail you that. You must be reading my mind.

  4. Lisa Damian says:

    The Daily Show is what got me through the past seven years. I flew to NYC to see a live filming of the show about a year ago. I laughed until I almost cried, and left feeling that even though my country’s politics had me depressed, at least someone was still calling it like it was, in a very funny and witty and refreshing way.

  5. Will Rhodes says:

    Lisa – I first started watching the show when I got here, I even watch reruns because they are so funny. šŸ™‚

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