The Convention begins and it will be historic.

Democrats to kick off convention with ‘One Nation’ theme –

The poll of polls that CNN does says that the race is a dead heat at 47% each for both Obama and McCain. I cannot for the life in me see how – but we will have to trust that for now.

On the first day several “big guns’ are coming out to speak.

Among the first day’s speakers: Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois

That’s good. Yay. But a convention is about the nominee, isn’t it? So they will be singing the praises of Barack Obama, yes? So they should. The One Nation theme will also be floored. Good theme if you ask me, but as the US is a republic, one nation doesn’t sit quite right. One Republic would be better.

This Democratic nominee is the best hope for a change in the US, we all know that. McCain – as has been said by so many, will be a disaster.

Not only will Obama/Biden be the best hope for that change – it will be historic. Historic in that the Republic has come around to not only nominating a black man for the job – but probably the first black person to the job itself. And, ironically, it will be a black man that brings some real change to the US. It will be one more step in the evolution of the Republic.

Who knows, soon the US will have a true representative election system – a real way to stop another Bush giving himself the power that Bush transferred from the other branches of government.

The day that Obama takes office will be a day the whole world can celebrate with the US. And many of us from without want to do that.

Democrats to kick off convention with ‘One Nation’ theme –

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0 Responses to The Convention begins and it will be historic.

  1. I for one have many doubts about all this change.

  2. leapsecond says:

    Actually, I think Ralph Nader would bring the most change out of all the candidates…

  3. Will Rhodes says:

    Only problem with that, Brett – he has no chance in the current electoral form. 😦

  4. steve says:

    The democrats, are they really trying to lose? Do they really think this type of stuff will win over red states?

  5. steve says:

    All this “change” talk is just as stupid as the slogans bush would speak before he got elected.

  6. thebeadden says:

    WTF? Hillary’s name is going on the nomination list?

  7. leapsecond says:

    Bead: I think Hillary’s name has to be on the nomination list. No big deal, but I’m sure the PUMA’s will be cheering and causing unrest when her name’s called.

  8. Anthony from VA says:

    Are you all really serious? If you would only stop and see that the world is becoming another Sodom and Gomorrah. How can “we” as a society take a life without recourse, who of you could take your child’s life now? How can you call yourself a Christian, yet have the warped views that do not coincide with scripture? In scripture it says “We reap what we sow (Gal. 6:7- 9) and If we sow wickedness, we will reap the same (Job 4:8).” I am for helping those that need help, but for those that want a free handout I am not for that I hear the Obama speech stating he is going to increase taxes across the spectrum, well I see the military personnel and their families paying the price for his proposal. You should look at the military families and how they sacrifice, and for those of you who say there should not be a military, is it because you are too afraid or too weak to become part of this great nation. There is no greater feeling than to belong to an organization that truly has your back, and some of you are right when you say it did not work for you, but I would ask was it because of your failure, your drawback to face the responsibility or do you place blame elsewhere so you feel better? Raising taxes to pay for a person’s lack of willingness to create a better life style is not the way to accomplish anything. An honest day’s wages for an honest day’s labor has really fell short in today’s societal views. It is time for society to open its eyes, to look at how faulty “we” as a nation have become, to ponder when the return of the Lord will occur and wether or not you will be caught up with us who believe. I will leave you with this question; if you were chosen today to die, would you go to heaven or hell, and if you chose heaven what percent are you sure you would go 0 – 100%? God gave His son so each of you would be saved and chose – through free will, to follow Him who created you, are you doing that, are you being a good servant to the Lord?

  9. leapsecond says:

    Anthony: I wouldn’t go anywhere at all: my view is that God doesn’t exist. Stop presuming that we are some kind blessed nation given unto the earth by God, because we’re not. And not everyone’s a Christian either. We were founded by the likes of George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, not by some fictional omniscient being.

    You’re for a totally militarized state? By saying those who have no desire to join the military are weak, you’ve made yourself look like quite a fool. Even more so when you say that every citizen needs to be part of the military to be “part of the nation”. For someone who talks about “reaping what you sow”, you’re awful quick to sow death and destruction. And what will we reap from that?

  10. Will Rhodes says:

    I will leave you with this question; if you were chosen today to die, would you go to heaven or hell, and if you chose heaven what percent are you sure you would go 0 – 100%?

    100% Heaven – my faith is a reading of the Original Text – not a book translated for the masses.

    In the OrTx – there is no hell, so if I were you I would be asking pastor why you haven’t read it.

    Brett – I think he watches too much Starship Troopers.

    “To become a citizen – join the infantry!”

  11. Lisa Damian says:

    In response to leapsecond, Ralph Nader is a gem. I admire the independence with which he debunks the current system, even though it leaves him with no shot at the presidency. Perhaps if we are discussing “change,” we should consider a total overhaul of our entire political system? Unrealistic, I know… In the mean time, I would be thrilled with Obama as our next president.

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