McCain is like Hitler: Madonna

The popular diva attacks McCain

But is she wrong?

We do know that McCain isn’t interested in bring peace in the world. He advocates more war, bombing Iran and perpetuating the war in Iraq. Unless McCain has signed up to what Bush and Rice want – the withdrawal of US troops – if that is the case he should say so.

While opening her show she showed images along side each other, McCain with Hitler and Mugabe while Obama was set with Al Gore and John Lennon.

Obama wants peace in the world – McCain, as I see it, does not.

Was she over board in what she did? Probably – but she was making a point and selling tickets. All down to the marketing strategy?

Of course the McCain camp distanced themselves from Madonna and her remarks saying:

“It clearly shows that when it comes to supporting Barack Obama, his fellow worldwide celebrities refuse to consider any smear or attack off limits.”

Again, I ask – are they wrong? We know that McCain and his camp have been attacking right from the get-go. The celebrity advert with Paris and Britney was well received wasn’t it? The McCain camp are attacking Obama on a personal basis but are crying foul once anyone attacks back.

It certainly makes you think about where this election will draw the line. But the McCain camp have to draw a line first – as the old saying goes : “They started it.”

Madonna infuriates McCain with Hitler-Mugabe sequence at Cardiff concert – Times Online.

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0 Responses to McCain is like Hitler: Madonna

  1. leapsecond says:

    McCain wants peace in the world, sure!

    …after he kills everyone who disagrees with him.

    Regardless, I don’t think McCain is the spitting image of Hitler, but there are comparisons, sure. Like his militaristic, gung-ho style. Or his insistence of detaining enemy combatants indefinitely (though I suppose that it is one step better than Hitler; he killed all the jews!).

    The main parallel I see between McCain and Hitler is this: they both tried to create an enemy that didn’t exist. Hitler painted the Jews as the enemy. McCain paints the Islamists and, now, the Russians as the major enemies.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    Agreed, Brett, agreed!

  3. Julie P says:

    Republicans sure dish it out, but they can’t take it.

  4. thebeadden says:

    And Madonna is “Like a virgin…” 🙂

  5. Will Rhodes says:

    ” Lady, Madonna…” LOL

  6. johnnypolo says:

    I’m not sure if anyone deserves to be compared to Hitler, not even McCain…

    I just write this off as a fading celebrity, not sure if her “endorsement” will be heard loud enough, so she makes the most outrageous claim possible. Seriously, when was the last time Madonna mattered? When she kissed Britney Spears? That’s a sad thought.

  7. steve says:

    Do people try to make these comparisons to try to cheapen what Hitler did?

  8. sideon says:

    I dare say more people world-wide have heard of Madonna than they’ve heard of John McCain. The closest McCain will come to musical acclaim is his Beach Boy version of “Bomb, Bomb Iran.”

    Madonna = icon.

    McCain = relic.

    Quite a difference in relevance.

  9. steve says:

    Madonna is famous for nude photographs and singing horrible songs. At least Mccain could fly airplanes. He didn’t have to take his clothes off for a paycheck.

  10. Will Rhodes says:

    How many planes did McCain crash before he became a POW, Steve?

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