Now what say McCain?

For the man with no policy – who will he pick to give him some?

Well I lie – John McCain does have at least two policies, 1, He wants more war, 2, He knows how to claim to be a POW.

But who will the old man pick for his VP running mate? The evangelicals have ruled out several of his picks already. Anyone who is pro-choice is out. McCain can’t be that thick to not do as they tell him.

So it will have to be a running mate who will, like McCain, subject women to servitude and illegal abortions. He will also have to pick someone who is against sovereign governments will, against the lower paid in the US being paid better, against anyone having decent healthcare, against a strong US economy and jobs, against the environment, against real alternatives and renewable energy.

So who will this be?

John Kasich? Fox News presenter.

Probably not – I can only see two people in the race to be McCain’s VP – Romney, who McCain hates or Pawlenty.

What do you think?

How Will McCain Respond? – Real Clear Politics – Elections 2008 – TIME.

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0 Responses to Now what say McCain?

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  2. John McCunt says:

    I toldya, boy – I don’t need another POW, I am a war hero and POW. So I need only Hillary’s voters. That’s why I offered her the VP. She’ll do everything to kick that black guy out.

  3. Julie P says:

    I’ve been thinking about that and have decided he is going to have choose someone who is young to live past November, unlike himself who is nearing the end of his life expectancy. I suppose he’ll choose someone from FOX, like Sean Hannity.

  4. leapsecond says:

    I’ve coined what I call the McCain McMaxim, similar to Joe Biden’s awesome phrase about Giuliani’s sentences including a verb, a noun, or 9/11.

    The McCain McMaxim states that every sentence John McCain ever says will include a noun, a verb, and one of: Obama/POW/War.

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