I sent my congratulations I hope you did, too.

So, who is Joe Biden? What will he bring to the Obama campaign? And, more importantly, why should McCain be scared of such a man?

The breath of fresh air that is Barack Obama has been doing very well against the constant onslaught by the GOP attack machine – as the VP was announced they went on the attack once again slating Joe Biden for what he said in the primary races.

This was expected by the Obama camp.

But, just who is Joe Biden and why did Obama pick him? A long while ago – someone asked me, before the race really got under way, out of all those running who would I pick – I said Joe Biden. You can find that all over the ‘net and on this blog. Once I got to see more and more of Obama my thoughts and my pick changed to him. But I did say on another blog that I would love to see this ticket.

Obama/Biden just seems right.

In May, Biden responded to a comment made in Israel by President Bush that compared Obama’s willingness to negotiate with Iran to European appeasement of Nazi Germany before World War II.

“This is bulls**t. This is malarkey,” said Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “This is outrageous. Outrageous for the president of the United States to go to a foreign country, sit in the Knesset … and make this kind of ridiculous statement.”

That’s Joe Biden!

I like him because he doesn’t hold back – he is a straight-talker who takes no prisoners, and that is something the USA needs. I love politicians who say it as it is. Barack Obama is a dream – he is funny, suave, sophisticated and, indeed, inspirational. He will beat John McCain around the head with the soggy end of the arm he has just ripped off in the debates. Watch to see if McCain decides not to debate at one point.

Joe Biden means that Obama will have access to the working-class and the Catholic vote.

Biden says things that he really shouldn’t – but that really shouldn’t matter. He is a man who makes McCain’s straight-talk look exactly what it is, bullshit!

Biden said: “There’s only three things he [McCain] mentions in a sentence: a noun, and a verb and POW.” But the GOP are painting it as if Biden was and still is for McCain and against Obama – nothing could be further from the truth.

Millions of American are sick to the back teeth with the POW stance – even veterans.

I will say congratulations to him again on here, and that congratulations is heartfelt and sincere. I can only see good things with this ticket – and those good things will spill over into the American society once Obama and Biden are picked as the new president and vice-president of the United States of America.

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0 Responses to Biden


    Yeah it shows real CHANGE right?

  2. M. Patterson says:

    As long as he loses, I’m good with him, too.

  3. steve says:

    So much for the “Change” candidate, picking a DC insider, confirmed liar (he dropped out of the Presidential race in 1988) due to plagiarizing a British politician’s speech. He lied about his standing in his law school class. Typical narcissistic politician. It’s almost like Obama wants to lose now. Why?

  4. alexandria says:

    It was a great pick, if we add up all the lies and untruthiness of Mrs. McCain ( Stephford wife) and his we would have a long long long long list…somehow Mc_____ gets forgiveness for everything. And thank goodness it’s not Hill/Bill

  5. Julie P says:

    Great to have an attack dog on the ticket. Now is the time to not just get mad, but to get even. Run that scum neocon philosophy from DC. End the 21st century McCarthyism.

  6. steve says:

    Wow, you people are a little deluded. Biden assures that Mccain is going to win. It’s going to be a landslide win. There are other democrats with foreign policy experience that haven’t gotten into so much trouble for lying and being caught being dishonest… It’s like Obama wants to lose. And you know damn well Hillary clinton will work behind the scenes for Mccain, so she can run again in 2012.

  7. Will Rhodes says:

    How much money did you put on a McCain win, Steve?

    Biden is a superb pick and we will see this over the next 9 weeks or so.

    If Clinton did that – you think she would get the support of anyone in the Democratic party? I really can’t see it.

  8. steve says:

    Will, it’s going to be a LANDSLIDE Mccain victory. How do you expect Obama-Biden to win red states? You CANNOT win without winning the south. The two most liberal senators? Please.. He needed to pick Clinton, because her supporters are whiney, spoiled brats that want Hillary to be president more than anything. They WILL support Mccain so that she can run again in 2012. Sorry Will, Mccain is going to win.

  9. steve says:

    Will, she’s going to do it behind the scenes. Of course she won’t publicly do it. She’s even more narcissistic than most politicians, so you really think she wants to wait 8 years to run again? Not gonna happen will. Accept it, Mccain is going to win. Hillary will be the challenger in 2012.

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