Muslim be scared

National Security my arse!

The demagoguery is in evidence with this story, a man who – in anyone’s imagination is an American hero – but because of his conversion to Islam is seen as a asset to fundamentalism and terror. Or is it he has a Pakistani wife?

The TSA has, as we have seen with small boys and CNN reporters, over-stepped the mark on who is a threat to the US and who isn’t. How many people are now on the terror watch list who really shouldn’t be there? 100,000, 200,000, more? I would suspect more.

But what is more surprising is that no one can get off that list – even with proof!

WASHINGTON (CNN) — For Erich Scherfen, being on a government terror watch list isn’t just a matter of inconvenience. It could end his career.

Scherfen served in the U.S. military for 13 years, as an Army infantryman in the first Gulf War and then as a helicopter pilot in the National Guard. After receiving an honorable discharge, he was hired as a pilot by Colgan Air Inc., a regional airline operating in the Northeast and Texas.

In April, Colgan informed Scherfen that he was on a government list and would be suspended from his job. He was told he faced termination on September 1 unless he was able to clear his name.

But Scherfen, of Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, has been unable to do so and said fears it could mean he has no future as a pilot.

“My entire career depends on me getting off this list,” he told CNN. “I probably won’t be able to get a job anywhere else in the world having this mark that I’m on this list.”

But the thing is – how do you get on a list when you haven’t done anything? And it is as plain as day that this man and his wife haven’t done anything wrong.

As he says:

“We served honorably,” he said. “We served in a war. And they’re thumbing their noses at us, basically, and that makes me feel … really sad about this situation.”

Sad? Sad? I would be frigging furious! There is a place for governments keeping the public safe – but in the US this has just gone way over the top. Let’s hope that a new government can do something to help the people on that list – it is beyond any joke.

Should every Muslim be afraid now in the US? Will everyone of that faith be on a list somewhere? It is really scary to think that this can be happening in a country that claims to be the home of the free.

Name on government watch list threatens pilot’s career –

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0 Responses to Muslim be scared

  1. If you ever read history, and read how great empires came crashing down, one fundamental mistake made by the governors was to turn their nation against them over a long period of time. US (and its allies) are making the same mistake but at a bigger scale by turning not just their nation against them but the whole WORLD against them.

  2. John McCunt says:

    You should take the matter more seriously, Will.
    We are surrounded by muslim terrorists!
    My campaign team told me about a British communist movie in which those terrorists were shown as harmless cab drivers:,CmC=1719018.html

    I tell you: Be careful!
    Those bastards are cunning sleepers who just wait for the chance to kill our white civilisation.

  3. ..So, John McCunt, your solution is to wipe out the Muslim civilisation like Iraq and Afghanistan, but the problem you face is that Muslim is not a race or civilisation, but an ideology which has lasted for over 1500 years and yet is stronger and wide spread.

    The only bastards who are going to kill our white civilisation is those in the white house or in Tel-Aviv. They are the cunning sleepers who after the 911 inside job erased all freedom acts in the US and has had a rippled effect in Europe.

    Remember one thing, at the gates of US are waiting all those hungry nations who the US has treated like slaves and put them through hell, when this great US empire falls the only remains we will see is the US flag on the moon.

    How better can one name himself, the Cunt

  4. John McCunt says:

    I’ll be seeing you on Guantanamo, Mr. Fidel Watch …

  5. Oh dear, I really thought we got rid of Mr Hitler and his concentration camps, but it seems the people in the Washington and Tel-Aviv are dedicated in keeping his termination inventions alive till this day.

    Mr Cunt, indeed you do fire blanks, and its all to common for friendly fire.

  6. steve says:

    Wow, one case, so logically, all muslims must be scared. I suppose that’s why so many flock to the US to escape the horrific conditions in the nations they are from.

  7. Paul says:

    Steve, I think what you said is incorrect. What does the US want from Iraq and Afghanistan? Its their assets (like Oil and other natural resources) and the US have 100% involvement in destabilising their countries so while the attention is focused for an average person to earn a hard living, the US can steal their resources by installing puppet governments.

    Are the people in America so arrogant that they can’t see this. we in the UK are fully aware of this unlike you people.

  8. steve says:

    Uh oh, Jews be scared! Oh wait, let’s make a giant generalization out of one case.

    Yes Paul, we’re doing this to steal resources, hence why I’m paying the most for gasoline in my life.. Isn’t it a little arrogant of you to think all Americans must be like me?

    Do you have horrible teeth becuase I see some british people with bad teeth? See the stupidity of generalizations?

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