BBC NEWS | Politics | Firm 'broke rules' over data loss

The lunatics running the asylum!

It really is beyond me how this sort of thing can happen, but in Britain of all places. Why do the government even out-source this sort of stuff? And it is another perfect example of why Jacqui Smith should resign her post – the woman is an idiot!

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has blamed a private contractor for losing the details of thousands of criminals, held on a computer memory stick.

Ms Smith said the government had held the data securely but PA Consulting appeared to have downloaded it, contrary to the rules of its contract.

She told the BBC it was “completely unsatisfactory” and an inquiry was underway. The firm had no comment.

Erm…excuse me a second – but if the government had held it securely – HOW did the firm download it – that means it is not secure! Idiot!

I tell ya – after Gordy Brown says that Labour will win the next election I shook my head – the Labour party have given everything, every possible ammunition that the other parties need to make sure they don’t get into power the next time around, and that isn’t a bad thing either.

I just hope the British people can sit through a Conservative Government for five years – please bring back a true Labour government!

BBC NEWS | Politics | Firm ‘broke rules’ over data loss.

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0 Responses to BBC NEWS | Politics | Firm 'broke rules' over data loss

  1. John McCunt says:

    Britan was run down by that communits. “Labour” is their name, isn’t it?
    Ok, Tony Blair was ok for a fucking capicommunist but look where is Britain now? Margret was ok but you British fools chased her away.
    With her I could win the war in Iraq ans Iran within 3 days.
    Blitzkrieg, you know.
    I’m a war hero.

  2. Will Rhodes says:


    She was a witch of the Opsidian Order!

  3. John McCunt says:

    My campaign team just told me that your degenerated government just lost once again personal data of thousands of citizens. Well, ok this time only convicts.
    This could never happen in my presidency. I won’t have convicts.
    Lousy degenerated Brits … You just eat too much foreign food. Indian food perhaps. Too much curry. Burns your cunts balls.
    And obviously your communist brains.

  4. suppose says:

    I don’t know why John xxxxx gets so vile with his comments.
    I must say he speaks his mind, but I think he would be more persuasive it he changed his tone.

  5. Will Rhodes says:

    Suppose – John is using humour lighten up a little bit and break into a smile – he isn’t being serious.

  6. Will Rhodes says:

    John – you memory is failing – this story was about just a happening!

  7. suppose says:

    Sorry, guess I’m a square for thinking using profane comments in public is offensive, and maybe a lack of class, or something.

    By the way you spelled humor wrong. How’s that for lightening up?

  8. Will Rhodes says:

    One little story for you, Suppose. And this is very real – so class doesn’t come into these things – it is perceived class or lack thereof.

    I was at horse trials event a long while ago – my father was a commissionaire at the Royal Enclosure. Princess Anne was taking part – when her horse didn’t do what it was supposed to do she was walking past us after she had ridden, the expletives that came out of her mouth would make an LA hooker blush.

    The only thing that her bodyguards said was, “Yes, Ma’am”

  9. suppose says:

    Will, I wasn’t talking about the Princess kind of class, if you know what I mean.

  10. suppose says:

    But it is a good story.

  11. John McCunt says:

    Who is this un-american “Suppose”?
    Is he on The List?
    A communist perhaps. A muslim for sure.

  12. suppose says:

    Yes I am, you rude infidel. May Allah destroy you immediately!

  13. John McCunt says:

    In this country we have GOD, understand?
    Who is this Allah anyway? I don’t know him, ask my team. I’ll have my staff get to you.

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