Today Glenn Beck confuses me

Ben Franklin is right or wrong?

You will have to read the story yourself to get the gist of it – because it confused the feck out of me.

Glenn’s opening piece is this:

NEW YORK (CNN) — “I think the best way of doing good to the poor is not making them easy in poverty but leading them or driving them out of it.”

What hate-mongering politician would be so politically incorrect as to suggest that things like higher minimum wages and more government handouts don’t actually help the poor? I’ll identify the culprit at the end of this column, but for now, I’m more interested in figuring out why that statement sounds so controversial.

Controversial? Wow – now this is good when Glenn gets controversial! Don’t hold you breath.

It wasn’t the least bit controversial – it was Glenn going on about how he really dislikes Democrats – like we didn’t know!

Odd that, Glenn – being a conservative who hasn’t chosen which candidate to vote for – takes to task Democrats who do support an increase in the minimum wage and all those other things that a civilised society want. But he is Glenn after all.

Glenn – being a conservative states that poverty is because Democrats are in charge of certain states, odd, eh? I wouldn’t have guessed that either. It’s because of those pesky Democrats that people are poor and out of work!


Nothing at all to do with a certain Conservative stance that businesses out-source jobs in other countries – or that businesses won’t pay a living wage because of the need for ever-increasing profit (for a few), or that to bring businesses into an area of high unemployment the local [Democrat] government has to give businesses massive tax breaks just to get them interested – and then open a factory or their business overseas.

I really do wonder where Glenn is coming from sometimes.

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