Hillary Clinton II

We know McCain can’t run on issues

That’s a given – even by his own camp but what do you do when you can’t run on issues?

You run a Democratic primary race! Simple, eh?

When the American voter wakes up in the next few weeks and realise what they really have on offer: George Bush again, or Barack Obama, I can only see the presidential race going one way – but I am not an American voter. I can’t even get my head around what the American voter thinks like – they are a, shall we say, funny breed.

You have, realistically, a choice of two people. The others in the race don’t get any air-time because the American media deems them as an irrelevance. Completely wrong to do so, but we are talking about America here – so we have John McCain and Barack Obama.

John McCain has turned his back on everything that was good about him and adopted everything that George Bush is – and is running a presidential race on that.

Then you have Barack Obama who is running his own race with a real possibility of change and hope for the American people Something NOT George Bush or John McCain – but that is by the by to the American voter – it seems, and I could well be wrong, as long as the man making the claim to be the best to send US citizens into battle will get the vote – what is up with that!?

Not only is John McCain running a race that encapsulates all that is Bush – he doesn’t tell anyone that this is the case – he just adopts Hillary Clinton’s stance of attacking Barack Obama. So we have a new primary race.

John McCain keeps the Iraq surge question open. All this is about Obama’s judgement – but it is obvious that Obama has better judgement because he was the one to say that Iraq was no threat and under an Obama presidency 4000 + American servicemen and women would be at home with their families. How is that bad judgement?

McCain even politicises the recent Georgia/Russia conflict. As far as I saw Obama came out and said almost exactly the same as McCain, so is McCain questioning his own judgement there> Well no – because McCain would have ratcheted up the ante and put the whole world on a war footing.

Judgement isn’t about going to war – it is about stopping war and not starting one in the first place. Iraq wants US troops out of Iraq – they have said that and as a sovereign nation they have that right – McCain will keep the US troops there no matter what, that, my friends, isn’t a liberating invasion – it is out and out occupation.

What then – as devil’s advocate – do the US do if Iraq then begins to ask the UN and her new found allies to rid Iraq of US troops?

There is more to think about than a 3 am call about a situation that is out of your control anyway.

Clinton strategy working for McCain – CNN.com.

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0 Responses to Hillary Clinton II

  1. John McCunt says:

    Billary will help me.

  2. suppose says:

    I think you don’t understand Americans because you didn’t grow up the U.S.
    Americans as a whole don’t like the Federal Government telling them what to do, or how to do it. I assume you are a Brit.
    It seems to me the UK has a traditionally strong Central Government, more so than the U.S. But then I could be wrong because I’m not a Brit.
    I was in London several years ago and I never heard such hatred as was spewed out about George Bush. But then the Brit media is like the U.S. media, they abhor most everything American, particularly their form of government, any elected official that is not a left-winger, and any American culture that differs from theirs.
    However, the few Brit citizens I talked to in London were kind, gracious, and didn’t have a chip on their shoulder.
    I don’t disagree with all you said but was tryng to give you a different prospective.

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