E-Bay sells a species

Well wadda-ya-know?

It is a great site for getting gouged in postage – and that is e-bay. No seriously, ya think you have something cheap and the next thing you know you are paying 5X the going rate – but I digress.

Whoever sold this little piece of history are now kicking themselves in the teeth!

A scientist who bought a fossilised insect on the web auction site eBay for £20 has discovered that it belongs to a previously unknown species of aphid.

Dr Richard Harrington, vice-president of the UK’s Royal Entomological Society, bought the fossil from an individual in Lithuania.

He then sent it off to an aphid expert in Denmark, who confirmed the insect was a new species, now extinct.

The bug has been named Mindarus harringtoni after the scientist.

Now that is both funny, and very, very cool!

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