Where are the protesters?

The Vietnam war was a long time ago.

But we have to ask some questions – something that I have noticed since dear John has been barking on about how he is a hero – of sorts.

During the Vietnam war there were many protesters who shouted from the roof tops about how American troops should come home – where are they now? Surely they can’t all be dead.

As McCain is utilising his POW status as something that cannot be questioned – again, I ask, where are those American protesters? Why are they so quiet?

McCain is using the Vietnam war as something that should be revered, and him right in the centre of that reverence. Some on this blog have said that you cannot question his status as a war hero, although he actually did very little. He, unlike all those other POWs is running for the US presidency, that brings him to the fore so we have to question all things McCain.

Then there is the VP he has to choose – who that will be we have no real clue about just at the moment. But he had best bet that it’s someone with some real qualifications to be president – because it will be them that are really running the show – McCain will have his weekends off and be sleeping a lot.

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0 Responses to Where are the protesters?

  1. PiedType says:

    Ouch, be careful what you wish for. All those protesters you’ve been missing are about to descend on Denver (where I live) for the DNC. And they aren’t coming with flowers in their hair.

  2. John McCunt says:

    You definetly hacked my account, you muslim terrorist!
    I was going to make some confessions soon about my heroism in Vietnam and how I was tortured by the f****ing Vietcongmuslimnegroes. [censored by my campaign team]

    Just wait, dude – I already reserved a small room on Guantanamo for you!

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