Now the painting of a water colour – John McCain the war hero

I remember a real war hero

OK – for the sake of full disclosure it isn’t John McCain.

John McCain is relying on his ‘career’ as a navy pilot and a prisoner of war for five years to help him into the presidency of the USA. Nothing inherently wrong with that. But what does that say? That he fought in a war that the US lost? He was captured and was held captive for the rest of the war?

Well yes, that is just about it. He says that he stayed in the prison camp because of a code of conduct whereby each prisoner is released according to his capture. Hmmm – even when he was told he could have early release? Well, SOME world war II veterans stayed in the prison camp because they didn’t want to fight, that was of all nationalities and all sides – but that’s another blog.

Others tried to escape so they could get back into the fighting and died doing so. Thousands of American soldiers were captured in both Nazi prison camps and Japanese prison camps and hundreds tried to escape, some successfully so that they could get back into the front lines and do their duty for the USA – that makes them more war hero than John McCain.

Fighting in three theatres of war – being commended for actions while under fire as a UN peace keeper – being awarded one of the highest accolades of your country, never speaking of the real horrors of war was the norm, because you saw it and never wanted anyone ever to fight in a war again – that is a war hero.

Now tell me – what had John McCain done?

The night that changed McCain’s life –

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