No press bias? AP

A reoccurring theme

Whether CNN or AP or even infamous FoxNews it is a resounding clap of thunder that each news agency is going or jumping onto the anti-Obama bandwagon.

If you read the linked story you will see what I mean.

The condescending first sentence make for what the story is about and how it was written. And this from AP?

Obama gets back onto the campaign trail and, with some scratching of my head – I read the story and wondered if it had been written by Rick Warren, Hagee or someone else from the McCain camp. But no.

When will the news networks begin to show the McCain we know – or for that matter don’t know? 28% say that they don’t see enough of McCain – and that seems to be just what the McCain camp wants, it keeps him from the issues and speaking about them. We know that the McCain campaign have now stopped unfettered access to McCain by the press, they are doing all they can to stop him appearing on the News – but one thing is also very clear, Obama sells advertising space. As was said last night – “We have to earn our money, too” or words to that effect on the CNN Special.

Who knows – it may be a matter that the press and media are waiting until after the summer to concentrate on McCain – let’s hope this is the case, because as more people realise that the press are hounding Obama more will begin to draw others to it.

A day after forum, Obama has harsh words for McCain –

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0 Responses to No press bias? AP

  1. dorid says:

    The republicans have to throw in something dirty, there has to be a close race to make the media happy (close races generate numbers, numbers generate advertising dollars), and we need something to besmirch the other-wise stain resistant Obama candidacy. Let’s face it: It’s going to get worse from here. As long as Obama is appealing to the masses and McCain isn’t, they’re going to press. And of Obama ever steps off the high road he’s been taking, they’ll all just point their fingers and say “See? We knew he was like that all along!”

  2. leapsecond says:

    I have to disagree — CNN has been pretty Obama friendly throughout most of this election year EXCEPT for their “analysis” of last night’s conversation-debate-neocon festival thing

  3. Jim Samples says:

    John McCains President???

    Sorry, but he’s Obamas President too. Or Does Obama think he lives in a different country?

  4. Redphilly says:

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed but McCain seemed to know the answers to the questions before they were even asked. Sounded fishy to me. Were they given the questions ahead of time? McCain, who can’t even remember the name of the president of Georgia, was pretty spry last night. What’s that about?

  5. Chris says:

    Yes, I agree, ever since Barack went on vacation the press has seemed unnervingly hostile towards him. Maybe they’re just upset at him for leaving them alone with McCain… who, of course, is not news. 🙂

    I recently wrote a post about the biggest source of Obama information being the Republican party. As they try and paint him as pure celebrity, they spend far more time on him than they do on their own candidate. It’s what I expect from a party that clearly cannot win on issues, but when the press starts sitting up and wagging its tail to Republican spin… that’s a frightening thing.

  6. McCunt says:

    What’s that guys name who own Fox all over the world? I’m friends with him. Follow the smell of money. And vote for me.

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