McCain HAD the questions? I thought as much.

And a video to show proof.

I watched it – and I have watched a lot of John McCain – and I just knew something was afoot when he spoke about the judges even before, long before the question came up.

I never trusted this forum – it just didn’t feel at all right to me. Evangelists don’t play nice with Democrats – especially a Democrat that could well be the next president – and a black president at that.

It’s all mighty fine if you have Denzel Washington or Morgan Freedman as president in a Hollywood film, but not in real life. But back to McCain’s answers.

You see, John McCain doesn’t answer that quick – he just isn’t that fast in the thinking department. Not that is a matter he is an old guy, that isn’t it – you just have to watch the videos over the years and you will see that even Bush utilised such when they ran against each other. But in the Saddleback forum he was just too quick – something was wrong; follow the linked story and you will see what I mean.

But did McCain have help from Rick Warren? It certainly seems so. I don’t think that McCain could hear Obama. But I noticed he was, or at least seemed to be, prompted from someone in the audience – a sip of liquid, a smirk, a look into the audience (always in the same direction) and then on to the answer(?) assuming he actually answered.

But that wasn’t the only thing – McCain stumped, and Rick Warren didn’t stop him. Why? He stopped Obama.

Whether the truth about this will come out is anybodies guess – I don’t think it will – but I hope it does. And to cheat like that where he was? Make no wonder he didn’t speak about his religious beliefs.

Daily Kos: State of the Nation.

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0 Responses to McCain HAD the questions? I thought as much.

  1. anglhugnu2 says:

    I watched. I listened. BUT, I really had a hard time listening the more and more the Arizona Senator went on and on with his endless line of anecdotes….If he were to say one more time, “may I add one more thing? to Pastor Warren.

    I am not so sure McCain had the answers. I do believe, being realistic, the two camps were informed about what topics would be discussed. This, I found, was the reason for why Obama boned up on one of the topics he stated “he cheated a little bit about” and why McCain was so quick to clutter “the conversational setting” with stump messages for the choir.

    For me, it would seem McCain was panning for gold at Saddleback….not Olympic gold….but, the conservative religious vote.

    For me, it was sad to see McCain approach the evening like that….I really would like to see a personal side that does not sound like he is interviewing for “the job.”

    Thanks for your comments…

    Author of IM with God

  2. Ben Hoffman says:

    I was surprised he knew the names of all four liberal Supreme Court justices. He must have had the questions before hand.

  3. Chris says:

    It certainly wouldn’t surprise me to see the Republicans playing dirty pool at the debates. After all, they’ve made it clear that their entire strategy for the election is to make Barack Obama look bad, instead of actually trying to win on issues. With that sort of mentality, anything’s possible.

  4. Will Rhodes says:

    This, I found, was the reason for why Obama boned up on one of the topics he stated “he cheated a little bit about”

    Knowing how internet savvy the Obama camp is I would have to disagree on that point. All you need to do is a simple Google Search on Rick Warren and you find that his pet peeve, or his favourite subject is the orphans of the world.

    McCain can’t even write an e-mail yet or use a qwerty keyboard, so him being savvy is nigh on impossible – his camp even steals from Wiki for Christ’s sake.

  5. exemployee says:

    blah. it’s always a conspiracy theory with democrats.

  6. anglhugnu2 says:

    I do not sense Will to be shouting conspiracy…I just hear his disgust for the lack of intelligent discussion McCain brought to a forum that was designed for discussion of issues.

    I am sure he recognizes that McCain, like Obama, gets caught up in campaign rhetoric on the trail. BUT, and I must agree, this format was designed for the Saddleback audience (and apparently the world) to learn something about these two candidates in a non-debate setting.

    What bothers me, is the level of discussion about how McCain won. Won what? There was nothing to win… least in my mind.

    In my view, the discussion revealed more about the generational differences in how one answers personal questions. Obama will be more thoughtful…not neccessarily right…but thoughtful…McCain will forever be trying to plum the stream for the religious rights vote….That is what politicians do….follow the first rule of politics….get elected….and then do the hell you really want to do when in office.


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  8. Will Rhodes says:

    exemployee // August 18, 2008 at 12:17 am (edit)

    blah. it’s always a conspiracy theory with democrats.

    I’m presuming that you have seen the news? You know – the news where Rick Warren is on TV stating that McCain was ‘late’ to the church? Where he says that he ‘believes’ John McCain knew the rules and would not watch Obama?



  9. Julie P says:

    I find a couple or responses in this forum interesting…the “yeah, buts” and the “it’s a conspiracy with…” I would like to point out that with the Republicans there is has been a paranoia that “the media” is sooo liberal, which translate into if “the media” is not falling all over themselves worshipping everything that comes out of the their mouths, including their pundits, it’s too liberal, too biased, and it’s NOT FAIR! Boo hoo!

  10. PiedType says:

    What I’ve gleaned from watching and reading:
    (a) Both candidates were given the first two questions in advance. (b) McCain was about a half hour late to the church and therefore could have heard or been fed Obama’s questions and answers during that time. (c) McCain asked to go back to the Supreme Court justices question before Warren mentioned it. (d) McCain looked as good or better than he ever has in recent months (I suspected botox until I saw him wrinkle his forehead).

    Does this mean there was a conspiracy? I don’t know. Call me naive, but I’m very slow to buy into conspiracy theories of any kind.

  11. I have decreasing regard for McCain’s honesty, and maybe he cheated, but I doubt that he needed to cheat. His answers were shorter and more direct largely because he used most of the questions–as good candidates do during what has come to pass for political “debates” in this country–as opportunities to regurgitate his stump speech. He said almost nothing that regular watchers of politics hadn’t heard repeatedly, but his answers did play to much of the Saddleback audience.

    Still, I doubt that the discussion will have much of an effect on anything. Given a choice of a religious/political discussion on a Saturday night in August, most of the relatively few people who were home watching television were tuned to the Olympics. McCain was going to get the conservative evangelical vote, anyway, though he may have boosted his credibility with the folks he once termed “agents of intolerance.” Obama may have countered the ongoing fiction that he is a Muslim, though the people stupid enough to believe that may not be able to figure out how to vote, anyway–and if they do, they weren’t going to vote for Obama.

    I am a bit troubled that the candidates felt they needed to attend a church-sponsored discussion at all, a further complication of what I see as an often negative relationship between religion and presidential politics. It would bother me less if the candidates felt equally compelled to answer questions from a union leader, a state governor, the mayor of a major American city (New Orleans or New York, perhaps?), a panel of teachers and parents, and a panel of economists.

  12. sideon says:

    Nothing like a televised Q&A in a church to give the appearance of sanctity and piety.

    Tell me again how Warren is any different than his fellow brethren? This is the new and improved evangelical?

    Bring back Mormonism – at least their hypocrisy is obvious.

  13. jumppy says:

    It is what it is mcain came off relaxed and concise and unequivocal , obama tried to straddle to many issues and came off not being honest

  14. Mary says:

    Turns out McCain wasn’t in the “cone of silence” as described by Warren, he wasn’t even in the church. He was in his limo, supposedly caught in traffic. Which makes me wonder about the coin toss bit. Does anyone really expect us to believe that McCain couldn’t get to the church on time for what was supposed to be an extremely important event?

  15. leapsecond says:

    sideon: right on. Maybe that’s why McCain’s considering having Romney on board….

  16. anglhugnu2 says:

    I am registered a Democrat. BUT, I must caution those who might jump to conclusions about my voting history….. I consider my manner of voting thoughtful and deliberative. I have and would vote for the likes of Reagan and Clinton if given the chance again.

    With that said, it seems really weird to hear talk hosts like Limbaugh and Medved attack the thoughtful and deliberative manner of Obama’s answers. It almost makes me wonder if his approach to the forum was the same as McCain if they would have said “Obama used canned campaign stump rhetoric throughout.”

    If you have followed McCain throughout his campaign you would know his stump language and repetition of stories….like the guard making the cross in the sand bit. McCain sounded concise and practiced because he’s been saying the same thing for the last year.

    To attack a man for being thoughtful and deliberative is like saying its okay to one day suddenly say, “Hey lets attack a country this month.”

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