US 'Just Happens' to deploy missiles

Carrying on from Glenn Beck

Now, working away from the apparent CNN propaganda machine that is Glenn Beck – we have to look at a far more unbiased News site – the BBC.

Do you think that you would like a missile silo just outside your border? No, remember Cuba? I thought so.

So, as this is a world that could be, but I hope not, could be walking into another cold war – we have to look at, apparent hypocrisy of the US.

If you read the story I linked to – the US is building and supplying missiles that are ‘supposed’ to be a defence (for whom?) against rouge nations popping off a few missiles in a certain direction. OK – that would be OK if that silo was built in Florida – but it isn’t – it’s in Poland!

Poland will host the missiles as part of a defence shield the US says it needs against “rogue states” like Iran.

But Mr Medvedev said it demonstrated that Russia’s concerns about new systems in eastern Europe were valid.

“The deployment of new anti-missile forces has as its aim the Russian Federation,” he said.

Now – you can call me a cynic if you wish – but Iran just doesn’t have the capability to send an ICBM into the US – it just doesn’t, and if it did there is one country that would not allow those missile to get off the ground, Israel!

Looking from the opposing view – does Russia have something to worry about? I know how I would feel if a nation like Poland had these missiles in their back yard. But, we also have to look at the position that puts Poland in. Don’t you think if there is an escalation Poland would, again, be hit first? Russia would not bother attacking the US as first strike – it would be Poland and her people.

Moscow has long argued the project will upset the military balance in Europe and has warned it will be forced to redirect its missiles at Poland.

How odd, eh?

The US needs a change – and they need it quickly – very quickly indeed, and change will not happen with McCain in office!

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Russian anger at US missile deal.


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3 Responses to US 'Just Happens' to deploy missiles

  1. leapsecond says:

    Stop quoting the same sources as me, man. Look at my latest post!

    Change won’t happen with regards to missile defense with Obama either. His foreign policy adviser is Zbignew Brezinsky (his son, Ian is also on his foreign policy committee) and he is a huge advocate of missile shield systems.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    You quoted the BBC? Cool!

    A real news network! Shows how good you are, though.

  3. The Glenn Beck Review says:

    Beck is not just a liar and a hypocrite. I caught him with his pants down. See The Glenn Beck Review for details.

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