McCain and the social conservatives?

That – would be a no!

How can he? Well it is politics after all so we will see some come out to vote for him. But what will trip him up if he should go to say that his new mantra is a social conservative one?

That should be pretty easy – those who like McCain for his supposed maverick style – they will not like him fully adorning the neo-con mantle, what will they do? Will it be a matter that they will vote for his rival or not vote at all.

McCain is walking a very slim tight-rope and his camp know it. He could, but it would be odd, choose a more conservative VP, that would open a line of attack, or he could go the opposite way and try to take more of the centre ground from Obama, but that wouldn’t be good looking at the social conservatives and their particular agenda.

“He hasn’t done anything to offend; he’s just ignored them and they don’t like to be ignored,” said Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the Eagle Forum, who added she will vote for McCain.

The right will vote for McCain – but it seems that not all Republicans will – they don’t like where he has gone. So you have to take into account that tight rope that he is walking and if he should stumble that fall will be a very long one – without a safety net.

Preston on Politics: Can McCain win over social conservatives? –


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